Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Killing Q+A w Cast Members Mireille Enos, Jamie Anne Allman, Kristin Lehman, Brent Sexton and Billy Campbell. Autographs! Photos!

After going for Johnny Depp on Kimmel I went to try for the cast of The Killing as I really needed Mireille, Kristin and Michelle Forbes on my cast shots but once again Michelle alludes me as, just like the premiere, she didn't show up. The conspiracy theory in me says this is because her character killed Rosie Larsen and they don't want her to spill the beans!

As I was waiting a SUV pulled up and went to the back and I immediately took off running and saw they were dropping in a different area so I then grabbed my photos and looked for a different spot and found one and then by this point just waited and hoped.

I missed Brent Sexton and Mireille Enos going in so the first one I got on the way in was Kristin Lehman. When she got out of the car I called her and she came right over and I added her to my cast shot. When she came over she remarked wow you guys are high up in the bushes!

I also added Mireille Enos to it and I just need Michelle now.

Then came Jamie Anne Allman. I didn't have anything for her to sign but when I saw her I called her over and she came right on over and said hey I recognize you! I told her that I had met her at the Killing season 2 premiere and she said nice to see you again. As she was signing I took a picture of her as she said she remembered me and she looked right at my camera and smiled for me.

Now, to put this next story in perspective we are standing behind a concrete block on the 2nd story handing down photos when I ask her if when she is done signing I can get a photo with her! This next picture is her response and her publicists response to my question.

She said she didn't know how we could do it and then said would she just dangle from my arms and we do the picture! Jamie was and is super nice and very personable and at the end of the event I went around front and saw her and asked for the photo op and she was glad to do it. Thank you so much Jamie for such a memorable encounter!

Up next was Billy Campbell and he came over and I got him to sign 2 of my Rocketeer photos and one of them he signed twice! The first time he signed up top and then he said let me sign it again and signed it on the bottom as well! I also asked him if I could get a photo op with him as well and he said sure but I would have to jump down from where I was at!

At the end Brent Sexton came over and I didn't have anything so I just took a couple pictures of him.

Then came Mireille Enos, who I needed the most, and when she popped out she came right on over and signed and I added her to all of my cast shots. I just need Michelle Forbes now!

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  1. Nice job. I've often wondered how this cast was in other environments. Glad to hear they were class there too.
    Oddly enough, Michelle Forbes still eludes me to this day as well.