Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tom Sizemore of True Romance, Heat and so many other greats! Autographs! Photos!

Now this was a big deal to me. Tom Freaking Sizemore! Yes, I have met him before but I don't care as I love True Romance, Heat, Natural Born Killers, Born on The 4th of July, Saving Private Ryan and Blackhawk Down. When I heard he was going to be in LA for a talk show appearance I knew I was going to be there (and I even left the True Blood premiere early to go get him!)

When he came out he just walked right on over and signed everything for the 4 of us there and I added him to all my cast shots I had with me and got a picture with him. He also told us something I didn't know which is that the baseball player Grady Sizemore is his nephew.

I now have Ed Lauter, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Paul Ben Victor, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Harvey Weinstein and Patricia Arquette on this.

I now have Tom Noonan, Hank Azaria, Ted Levine, Ashley Judd, Wes Studi, Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo on these except the 2nd one which doesn't have Danny on it.

I now have Jared Harris, Juliette Lewis and Tom Sizemore on this.

I now have Tom Sizemore, Ed Lauter, Christian Slater and Gary Oldman on this.

I now have Tom Berenger and Tom Sizemore on this.

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