Friday, September 30, 2011

Jessica Capshaw signs in Hollywood

This was the first time I have ever met her or got an autograph from her and I am happy to report that she was quite nice (and thank god for that considering nothing else went right this night as Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Joseph Gordon Levitt didn't sign). I also liked that she actually gave a decent autograph and she did sign quite a bit.

Answer to Last Week's Poll Question - Which actress refuses to sign autographs with a blue sharpie?

The answer is Amanda Bynes. In fact, most of the time now when she shows up to an event she (or one of her people) already has a black sharpie ready for her.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Erin Andrews threw a sharpie at me!

A friend of mine got video proof of it as well though he defends her and says she didn't do it. But he's wrong! She looked right at me, then threw the sharpie in the air and it hit me. Now I dont say this cause it hurt or anything like that. I say it because more and more I don't understand these celebrities. When you are done signing just hand the sharpie back or be like most celebrities and just drop it on the ground. Dont throw it into a crowd of people. Act normal please! I did get some photos signed but she was skipping quite a few and said she didn't like them.

Dana Delaney is a Sweetheart!

Dana was super nice, again! I have never known her to be any different. I was able to get 6 autographs and a picture with her. There weren't alot of people there which just made it easier for those of us who were.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Han Solo Signs Autographs!

Well, I got him again. When Ford signs he is usually one per person and I have no problem with that. If every time I see him I get one autograph I will be ecstatic! I wanted him on my Apocalypse Now but I need him in silver and it is very hard to get him to switch pens when he is signing. When I saw he had a blue sharpie, I held out the Empire Strikes Back photo and tried later to get him to switch but it was a no go.

Ellen Pompeo is Scary!

This was weird! One of the only times I have been intimidated by a actress signing autographs. The reason? Meredith Grey is crazy! She kept threatening people and yelling at them that she would walk away and stop signing and then the next second take a picture with them and smile! I'm pretty sure I will find something else to do the next time she is out instead of trying to get her again. (I do however still need her on my cast shot). She also did not like the red photo I have of her. I have never understood these actresses who take these photos and have them plastered all over the internet but don't want to sign them. I wish I could of got video of it all, and should of as the video would of been better than an autograph.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Julie Bowen! Emmy Winner! Signing Autographs!

Well, being an Emmy winner didn't change Julie. She has always been super nice and I get worried after someone wins a major award as many celebrities change their signing habits after winning but not Julie! I did ask her to write Emmy winner on the one photo (which she did like the photo) but she said "you can write that". I told her, "I dont want to write it, I didn't win an Emmy". One of my friends got it on video as well and it is kinda funny!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Michelle Monaghan Signs Autographs!

For the last couple years she has not been easy to get an autograph from so to get two from her rolling down her window and signing was a shock. She said on the way in that she would sign but if I had a dollar for every celebrity who told me that and then didn't do it I would be rich.

Answer to Last Week's Poll Question - Which actor refuses to sign autographs with a blue sharpie?

The Answer is Brad Pitt. Why is a different question and I dont know the answer to that one. It's to the point now that when he shows up to an event he already has a black sharpie with him and just uses that to sign for everyone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Isabel Lucas in person

Finally got a picture with Isabel Lucas. I had met her before but was never able to get the photo op and yesterday I succeeded! She's always been nice but hates paparazzi so you have to get her low key to get the photo op and yesterday she was just walking into a movie and I scored.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Your Number Premiere in Hollywood

Really only a few people showed for this. Anna Faris, Chris Evans and Zachary Quinto showed along with Dave Annable but Aziz Ansari, Mike Vogel, Chris Pratt and Joel McHale didn't show. I was able to get 2 Chris Evans autos which is not easy to do and 3 Zach's who doesn't really like to sign with big crowds so it wasn't a bad night. The only real problem with the premiere is that the security was acting crazy and trying to prevent people from signing.

Jon Cryer's star ceremony in Hollywood

Charlie Sheen didn't show. Figured I would get that out of the way as I know that is what everyone was wondering about. Many members of the cast did show including Conchata Ferrell, Holland Taylor, Marin Hinkle, Angus and Ashton and they all signed except for Ashton. In fact, not only did Ashton not sign he apparently felt like he was too good to even acknowledge anyone as he never said a word to anyone. I did get some good items signed (including a dollar bill signed by Cryer) but was not happy about Ashton. One thing that also stood out was Chuck Lorre. Jon Cryer's speech was real good and he talked very nice of Charlie and called him a good friend but during Chuck's speech, Chuck repeatedly took jabs at Charlie and to me came across as very petty. This was not the time or place for any of this and quite frankly made me wonder about some of the things Charlie said.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chloe Moretz! Hit Girl! Kick Ass!

Met Chloe at LAX yesterday and she is so nice. I was able to get 5 autographs of her and a picture with her. She had just arrived from NY with her mom and both of them were really nice. As Chloe was signing Hayden Paniettiere came into the airport and saw everyone getting Chloe to sign and the camera's and she took off up the escalator! Sorry Hayden but as far as I'm concerned your no Hit Girl!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd - This is Weird!

Ron Artest is crazy! When I saw him at Dancing With The Stars he asked me to print a photo that I had of him and his dancing partner Peta, but before I give it to him to get Peta to sign it for him! Now why he couldn't get her to sign it for him I have no idea but whatever. I asked Peta to sign it and make it out to him which she did and I think she also thought it was a bit crazy! I then waited for Ron to show up and gave it to him and he didn't even remember! I got video of all this so please check it out!

Mother F*****G Steve Buscemi!

Ok, I will try to be nice about this but... forget that! Steve Buscemi is awful to his fans! I saw him several times in one day and it pains me to say this as I am a big fan of him (and Quentin Tarantino movies are my favorite) but he is not nice. He didn't sign heading into a talk show appearance, didn't sign leaving, didn't sign or take pictures with fans inside the premiere of Abduction and then when we saw him leaving and started asking him to sign he grabbed his phone and pretended to be on the phone so he wouldn't have to respond to us. I cant even describe how much this hurts me! Damn you Mr Pink!

Lily Collins signed autographs after a talk show appearance in Hollywood

No one was sure if she would sign as the premiere of Abduction was going on at the same time and it was really cold and windy but after she finished she came right over and signed and signed quite a bit! What I wanted signed the most was Snow White and I was able to get that done so mission accomplished.