Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hell on Wheels Premiere

With AMC's track record of shows I expected quite a few fans to show up for this but it was just me and two other people there!

I only had one cast shot with me and I got 16 people on it which is pretty remarkable for a premiere. Almost everyone there was nice except for 1 possible and 1 definite.

Anson Mount, the lead in the show, came over and signed and took a picture with one of us but he didn't seem particulary thrilled with signing and even mentioned eBay! Someone must be in his ear whispering that for someone who hasn't done much yet to already be concerned with eBay. If there had been more than three of us there I don't think he would of signed.

Ben Esler! Good lord is this guy not the guy to be asking for autographs! We called him several times, multiple people with him and from the show told him we were calling him and asking him to sign and every time he turned his head to ignore us! Later in the night the producer Chad Oakes came over and signed and asked if everyone had come over to sign for us and we said no, Ben didn't. Chad said wait he would go get Ben. He went and brought Ben over and Ben was not happy about it. If this show becomes big don't look for alot of Ben Esler autographs to be circulating!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Stars Come Out In Beverly Hills!

Went to an event last night in Beverly Hills and I must admit that I had a fantastic night! I spent 7 hours there but it was worth it!

First up Amber Heard. I got 4 photos done of her. On the way in she didn't sign much but on the way out she was signing alot so I was able to get them done. I really appreciate that she gave nice full signatures which is rare from celebrities nowadays so hats off to Amber!

Next up, Emma Stone. She signed quite a bit on the way in and thanks for that as we never saw her leave once she went in. I got her on two photos and then got her on my Help poster shot which I also got Bryce Dallas on (and she only signed 3 autographs all night and I got 2 of them), Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer so I am leaving it alone as they are the 4 on the poster so it is complete!

Christopher Plummer arrives and he signs! This alone made my night. I was able to add him to my Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (which I already have Daniel Craig on) and I got him on my Sound of Music.

My god is Carey Mulligan nice! I am a fan of her and I really thought she was the better part of Wall Street 2 so for her to still  be this nice to her fans is refreshing. I got 6 autographs from her and could of got more but didn't have any more photos!

Ray Liotta on my Goodfellas!!! Thank you good night and god bless! JK but the sentiment is pretty dead on though. He only signed 2 items, this and a baseball for someone else but the true highlight was him talking to a couple fans. One guy asks if his buddy can get a picture with him and it sound like Ray says no but the guy doesn't here this and says thank you and says that's him right there and Ray says, "I don't give a F**K who it is". There's more. Then Ray walks over by the guy and the guy puts his arm out to get the pic with Ray and Ray says don't f*****g touch me! It was classic.

Saw Frances Fisher and got her on my Titanic. I now have her Bill Paxton and Ioan Gruffuld on it.

I have met Elle Fanning many times and her sister Dakota as well and they truly are 2 of the nicest celebrities you could ever meet. Elle signed 6 photos for me and was all smiles for everyone there. A true class act.

While we knew George Clooney was going to be at this event we didn't expect to see him as we expected him to go in through the back and what do you know he pops out of a SUV and comes right over and signs. I got him on a batman photo and added him to my Up in The Air photo, a movie I really like and which also has Zach Galifianakis on it.

Bryce Dallas Howard was a major coup for me due to as I said she only signed 3 autos all night and I got two of them.

Diablo Cody was just as nice as always and I got my 3 photos signed and I once again asked her if we can get an uncut version of Jennifer's Body and she just laughed and said she would like to see it.

Well I finally got my Michelle Williams autograph on the Marilyn photo! Her autograph has never been much but its all you get so I will take it.

Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones showed up and I got my photos done so now I don't have to go to the Like Crazy premiere! Thank you both especially since Jennifer Lawrence won't be there and that was the main reason I was going to go.

Penelope Ann Miller was a surprise as I can't even remember the last time I saw her and she did think it was funny that everyone who asked her to sign had the same image!

I finally got Kenny Freaking Wormald! He signed and took pictures with fans and even remembered my rant against him on Twitter and asked if I could please tweet that he's not Zac Efron, which I did and who he is definitely not!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Puss in Boots Premiere

Salma Hayek evades me once again. I haven't gotten her autograph since the Vicki Cristina Barcelona premiere and that streak continues. She did sign but she came over and signed while Antonio Banderas was signing and I was unable to move and get her. 
On arrivals the only people who signed were Antonio and Salma so the premiere did not get off to a good start. But once it started it got better. 
Amy Sedaris skipped out and didn't sign anything but then Billy Bob Thornton came out and signed and signed and signed and signed and signed and then signed some more. I haven't seen anything like it in quite some time! He was there so long I even got a picture with him.
Once the movie broke Antonio came over and signed again but I was out of him but we finally did get Melanie Griffith to come over and I managed to get both of my photos done. 
Then Zach Galifianakis came out and to the surprise of almost everyone he came over and signed. He has been very hard to get lately so this was a pleasant surprise.