Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My List of Top Ten Signers in Hollywood 2011

Well we've come to the end of the year and its time to honor something good about Hollywood, the nice people! And yes, they do exist in Hollywood and this list, my list, are the nicest I met this year!

#10 - HARRISON FORD - It's gotten to the point where everytime you see this guy he will sign but he is usually very strict about 1 autograph each and also you won't see him out alot but who cares - he's Harrison freaking Ford and I will take 1 autograph of him and be ecstatic!

#9 - ROB LOWE - This former brat-packer is quite the signer nowadays and will gladly take pictures with his fans as well. If you want to see him get all smiles bring out some of the 80's photos of him - he loves them and usually gives better signatures to them!

#8 - JON VOIGHT - I can't think of one time where I saw this guy and he didn't sign and I'm pretty sure it is impossible for him to say no to fans. One of the great Hollywood signers of all time.

#7 - ELLE FANNING - She has picked up right after her older sister and become a great signer. I know it comes from how they were raised as both her Mom and Dad told me such and swore that Elle and Dakota would both always be good to their fans!

#6 - IOAN GRUFFUDD - When it comes to signing and taking pictures with fans he is Mr Fantastic indeeed!

#5 - ANTON YELCHIN - There are alot of bad signers in Hollywood who still sign but are rude or mean about it. Not Anton. He seems to really enjoy signing autographs and is never in a bad mood when you ask him for an autograph.

#4 - PAULEY PERRETTE - The NCIS star is down to earth and loves to sign autographs. Loves to take pictures. I watch her show sometimes simply because of how nice she is in person!

#3 - AARON PAUL - I have probably seen this guy 30-40 times since Breaking Bad first aired and he has remained the same every encounter - as nice as can be. Many celebrities win an award and then become impossible. Not Aaron. Wins an Emmy and still the guy that looks like he would be cool as hell to hang out with!

#2 - BELLA THORNE - She gets my vote for signing the MOST autographs in 2011. Its actually remarkable how much she signs and yet when someone asks her to sign she does it again! Big fan of her for being so approachable.

#1 - JON BERNTHAL - I would bet that if it was raining, snowing and freezing that Jon would still figure out a way to sign for his fans. Hell I bet that if there were zombies coming at him he would still sign! He is literally that nice! Mad respect to this guy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Pictures With Celebrities 2011

2011 was a great year for graphing and I thought I would show all the pictures I got with celebrities this year! In all I totaled 128 including a couple, Kiefer Sutherland and Quentin Tarantino which were big deals to me as I am huge fans of both and always wanted the photo op.