Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Premiere

A great day. First Ed O'Neills star ceremony and then this. got some great cast shots done and 8x10's as this whole cast is really nice. Only one who didnt sign was Ron Perlman. After this event and the Conan premiere where he barely signed he's starting to annoy me! The only qualm about this was it was absolutely crazy and completely chaotic; people were acting like animals!

Ed O'Neills Star Ceremony in Hollywood

I decided to go to Ed O'Neills star ceremony to try and get an autograph from him as he is one of the hardest autographs to obtain and to my surprise he signed! I managed to get 3! I got him on two of my Modern Family cast shots so now I only need 3 people from the show and they will be done. Very happy about this as odds are I might never get Ed to sign again! Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara were there and signed as well though Sofia didnt sign much and she is getting harder to get. Katey Sagal was there and signed as she always does! I was also very happy to get Ray Boom Boom Mancini to sign though I wish I had a boxing glove with me but had no idea he would be there! All in all, a great event! Here is some video I took as well.