Friday, May 18, 2012

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dominik Garcia Lorido of Magic City! Autographs! Photos!

Starz was holding an event for their show Magic City and even though things didn't go as planned I was still able to get Jeffrey and Dominik.

The problem with the event was some cast members dropped in back, some in front and some drove themselves so there was no clear cut spot to stand and wait so I just decided to wait upfront and that is when I got Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

He came out smoking and holding his motorcycle helmet (of which he drove himself on) and came right on over and signed all the photos that me and a couple other people had. While he was signing I asked him where Jessica Marais was and he said her and her husband just had a baby and were back home in Australia to which I rather eloquently replied, "Oh." This made him laugh and his response was, "Man, did you hear the disappointment in his voice!," to which is publicist said, "I think he's disappointed he won't be the father!" My response to this was, "Thats not what I was saying! I'm married! Its just that Jessica is the only cast member I haven't met yet!" All of this was said as a joke as Jeffrey and his publicist are seriously 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life.

After getting Jeffrey I headed to the back to try and get my one photo of Dominik signed and when she came out I said, "Dominik (pronouncing it Dom-a-nick), can you sign?" To which her publicist says, "It's Dominik!" (pronouncing it Dom-a-nique) Very sorry lady but at the Magic City premiere everyone, including me, called her Dom-a-nick and she never corrected us and even here this night she never said anything as well but her publicist was clearly pissed and kept talking about it even after Dom-a-nique left! Thankfully, Dominik was and is still cool and came over and signed and I got my one photo signed.

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