Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sprawl Movie Premiere w Amanda Wyss, Jennifer Taylor, Nicole Fox and a No Show by Michael Madsen! Autographs! Photos!

Being the huge fan of Tarantino movies that I am I went to this just for Michael Madsen so of course he didn't show! Before the premiere started the film's producer came up and talked to me and told me that Michael had just gotten a gig in India and had just flown out for it as he really needed the money!

A few people did show up. I was and am still a big fan of the original Nightmare on Elm Street so I was excited about getting Amanda to sign my few photos and she was so happy to do so and talked to me for a few minutes and did the photo op as well.

Jennifer Taylor, of Two and a Half Men, arrived and signed both of my photos and I told her I liked the show when Charlie was on it and think it sucks now and she just laughed and said I hate to say it but its true!

Nicole Fox from America's Next Top Model showed up next and is one of the nicer celebs I have met in a while. She signed everything, did the photo op, shaked my hand, talked to me about anything and everything and was just a genuinely nice person.

I am a huge fan of 24 so when Hakeem Kae Kazim showed up I immediately spotted him and got a photo with him.

Leilani Sarelle, who played Roxy in Basic Instinct, showed up and I got a photo with her.

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