Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dark Shadows Premiere w Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz and MORE!!! Autographs! Photos! Video!

I had been waiting for this premiere for a while or basically ever since I heard about it and even in my wildest dreams I couldn't of predicted what would happen and how well it would go.

First off this was a long damn day! Over 12 hours and that seems like nothing compared to some people who got there the night before!

As the time approached I thought as long as I get Johnny I will be good but with the first drop came Jackie Earle Haley and he came right over and signed (but not much.) I was able to get him on 2 photos.

Next to drop was Bella Heathcote and this being my first experience with her must say she was quite gracious and came over all smiles and signed quite a bit. This premiere was starting off pretty good.

I was able to get Bella, Chloe Moretz, Jonny Lee Miller and Danny Elfman on this.

Then came Eva Green, who, I must say, looks great on screen but that doesn't translate to in person as far as I am concerned. Sometimes it can be a little disconcerting seeing some celebrities in person and Eva is one of those to me. Anyways!, she signed and I got 3 done.

Towards the end of Eva signing Jonny Lee Miller showed up and was not having it. People were calling his name trying to get him to come over but he just ignored everyone and went straight to the carpet. Finally, after the movie was over and he was headed to the after party I was abe to add him to my cast shot but even then he only signed 2 autographs total.

Then came Michelle Pfeiffer and just as she did at the New Years Eve premiere she came over and signed and hit one spot and didn't move much but I did get one and this is being framed and going on my wall!!!

I figured if Tim Burton signed he wouldn't do much but he did way more than I expected and I was able to get him on 2 photos and would of got more but I was getting crushed into the barricade from everyone pushing and literally could not get into my bag to pull anymore photos!

I also got Danny Elfman on this.

I also got Johnny Depp on this. Ed Wood is my favorite Tim Burton movie and 2nd favorite Depp movie and highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. It also contains a supporting performance by Martin Landau that is sheer genius.

Now the man of the hour. Johnny arrived and went straight to the carpet and din't sign and we got word from security that he would sign after the red carpet. About 20 minutes later we hear girls screaming and yelling and see Johnny come out and go to the end of the barricade and begin what would be one of the more remarkable autograph signing sessions I have ever witnessed! He literally signed for 40 minutes and took occasional photo ops and signed everything in front of him. To put this into perspective, I got everything signed I had, went into Baja Fresh and got a refill (DR PIBB!), came back out, had a cigarette and this man was still signing! Just on the basis of this one night he is going on my best signers list for the year.

Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is my all-time favorite Depp movie and once I get Leonardo Dicaprio on this it will be framed and go on my wall as well.

I can't even put into words how thrilled I was to complete this!

After the movie was over and while headed to the after party Chloe Moretz signed and I was able to get her on one photo I had of Kick-Ass and a couple from Hugo.

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