Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Johnny Depp on Jimmy Kimmel! Autographs! Photos!

A day after getting Johnny at the Dark Shadows premiere I decided to go for him again at the Kimmel show and see if I could get a couple more photos signed. I did get plenty signed at the premiere but the thing with Depp is you only see him 1-2 times a year so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

As it got closer to his arriving more and more people showed up and I knew it would be insane so instead of trying to move around I picked one spot on the fence and stood there rather than trying to battle in the barricades.

Finally Johnny arrived and didn't sign on the way in and then about 45 minutes later he showed up and went straight to the barricade.

As he was signing at the barricade I took some pictures to show what it looked like from my perspective which is also what Johnny would of seen and it looked like madness!

As he worked his way along the barricade and then to the fence I took pictures as well and honestly as I was taking them I didn't know what they would turn out like as most of the time I couldn't tell where he was as he was just engulfed by the fans.

Ok, now he's starting to get closer. How do I know this? Is it because I can see him getting closer or is it because I now start feeling a crowd of people behind me trying to crush me to get there item over mine? If you guessed 2nd answer you would be right! I still could not see him but knew he was close.

He's here! He's here! Finally he gets to my area and I hold out photos and I am able to get 4 signed and then he is gone. All that waiting for 30 seconds of fun is like waiting in line for a roller coaster! But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

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