Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hatfields and McCoys Premiere w Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Boyd Holbrook, Tom Berenger and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I got word there was going to be a premiere for the History Channel Mini-series Hatfields & McCoys and considering the cast it was a no brainer that I was going to go. The person I wanted the most was Tom Berenger as I had never seen him before and considering my expectations this was a great night (this venue can be a problem as you never know where you will be allowed to stand).

The first person to drop was Jilon Vanover and I had him sign my cast shot.

Up next was Andrew Howard and all I had was the cast shot so I added him to that as well.

Then came Powers Boothe. I have always been a big fan of this guy (Red Dawn and Deadwood) but he can be very weird sometimes but he was super cool this day and came over and I got him to sign my cast shot and my Avengers cast shots.

Then came Boyd Holbrook. I had never met him before but once I saw he was going to be in the new movie  The Host I printed quite a bit for him and luckily he was a nice guy! When he first dropped he went off to the side to smoke and I held up my Host photo and asked if he could sign and he came right over and signed everything.

This 12x18 he signed for me came out nice as he signed it every letter on the bottom as opposed to the 8x10's he signed for me where he just gave quick signatures.

Now, the moment I was waiting for. I have always been a huge fan of Tom Berenger and had never met him and this was the reason I was here the most and when he got out he signed all 3 of my photos and my cast shot and my night was made! I am a big fan of Born on The 4th of July and Platoon and will be working on those now for my collection.

Noel Fisher came next and I didnt have anything for him other than the cast shot and I added him to it.

Then it was Lindsay Pulsipher and like everytime I have seen her she was super duper nice and signed everything and especially loved my photos of the movie The Oregonian.

Then was Jena Malone and thankfully she signed on the way out as well as she didnt do many on the way in and then again, even on the way out she signed a few and then said ok, 5 more, did the 5 and was done. I did get a few of my photos of her signed and got her on the cast shot.

I already had Jamie Chung on this.

There's Bill Paxton! Oh wait, he's gone! He just ignored us and headed in so will have to wait for him on the way out.

Ok, there is Matt Barr. We all call him to sign and he says sure and comes right on over and just as he gets to us his publicist comes and grabs him and takes him in. Damn publicists!

Lastly, Kevin Costner drops. He gets out, doesnt sign much, but I did get him on 2 photos and The Untouchables is what made me the happiest as I LOVE that movie and now have another cast piece to work on for my collection!

This is now complete!!!

Now its time to wait for departures and as I head around back to see if the celebs will leave that way I walk right up and see Bill Paxton and when the other graphers ask him to sign he says, "You sneaky little bastards!" He then laughs and comes over and signs and I tell him my photos are up front and he tells me to go get them and he will wait!!! Seriously, that is extremely cool! I then ran up front, grabbed my photos and ran back and then true to his word, he waited, signed all my photos and I got the photo op!

When he looked at this photo and signed it he said this is the best he ever looked!!!

3 Down and one to go! All I need now is Jeanne Tripplehorn to complete. It is amusing, even to myself, that I say I just need her to complete as she is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get to sign an autograph so I am going to need a miracle for this one.

Matt Barr came out and I got him on my 8x10's.

Then came Mare Winningham and I got her on both of my St Elmos Fire photos and added her to my cast shot.

Her is my cast shot that I worked on.

I ended up getting Jilon Vanover, Powers Boothe, Tom Berenger, Bill Paxton, Lindsay Pulsipher, Jena Malone, Mare Winningham, Andrew Howard, Boyd Holbrook and Noel Fisher to sign this.

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