Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What To Expect When Your'e Expecting Premiere w Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, Rodrigo Santoro, Anna Kendrick and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This premiere for me was all about the 3 women, JLO, Cameron and Brooklyn, so to get 2 out of the 3 was good enough for me.

Starting off this premiere did not look good as Amir Talai, Thomas Lennon and Rob Huebel all stiffed and didn't sign and in Thomas' case it was even worse as he kept telling one person he would be over and then just blew everyone off.

The first celebrity who did come over was Rodrigo Santoro and he was just as nice as the first time I met him and he signed quite a bit. I added him to my cast shot and 2 photos of 300.

Next was Joe Manganiello and he came right on over and signed plenty and all I had was the cast shot so I added him to that.

Then came Matthew Morrison and once again I didn't have anything for him so I had him sign the cast shot.

Rebel Wilson! I say that with excitement as finally another celebrity that I actually have something I want to put them on as I wanted her on Bridesmaids and she was very nice and signed the 2nd most of anyone there this night.

Chace Crawford arrived and started signing right in my section and I was able to get him on 3 of the photos I had.

Next up was Brooklyn Decker and Holy Shit she is coming over to sign! This I did not expect but was grateful for but that gratitude quickly changed to mortification when I realized the pen she had been handed by someone was HORRIBLE and you could barely see it! Finally, someone got her to change the pen she had and I then held out my photos and was able to get 2 signed.

Elizabeth Banks! Elizabeth Banks! This is me and the crowd yelling for her to come over and what we got was total and complete non-interest from her.

Anna Kendrick arrived and said she would come back and sign and true to her word she did and signed by far the most of anyone that night. If you had it and held it out to her she signed it!

I now have Edgar Wright, Clifton Collins Jr. and Anna on this.

I now have George Clooney, Zach Galifianakis and Anna on this.

Then came JLO and let the madness and hilarity begin. She walks over signs 2 autographs and then skips 10 people and signs a few more and then repeats this process several times. Most people did not get her and I was nothing but dumb lucky to get one myself.

Cameron Diaz was the last to come over but when security walked her over they walked her away from my section so I didn't get her.

I ended up getting Rebel Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Morrison and Rodrigo Santoro on this.

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