Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Avengers World Premiere w Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and MORE! Autographs! Photos! Video!

Well the day arrived for the World Premiere of The Avengers and with it what seemingly every weatherman in LA was calling for, RAIN! However, by 10:00AM there was not a cloud in sight and yet we had another obstacle to overcome, the "set-up."

People who don't do this or only have graphed a couple events don't realize the amount of prep that goes into an event like this (and a shout out to one of my followers Russell, who I met at the premiere and saw first hand the preparation that goes into graphing.) Where we were standing, which was basically the only place to stand, security had it double barricaded which meant that a celebrity couldn't come over to sign even if they wanted to. While we kept talking to them about this they finally said if a celebrity wants to come over and sign they will open the barricade and let them do it.

So me and a couple friends decided we had to do whatever it took to get the 1st celebrity to come over to get the barricade opened and hopefully for us it would be a great signer like Mark Ruffalo and not someone like Samuel L Jackson who doesn't like to sign.

So who was the first? The oldest celebrity, Stan Lee, was of course the first to show up and I figured no way would he sign so we started calling his security guard, Alex, to let him come over, and he did (thank you ALEX!) They brought Stan to the barricade right in front of us and he signed and the floodgates opened and I ended up having the best premiere I have had in quite some time! I also want to give a shout out to my son CJ who came and hung out with me for the premiere and helped me get ALOT of autographs! Thank you CJ and I have faith in you!!!

I printed these photos for cast shots but once I got Stan on this first I decided I wasn't going to get anyone else on it!

While Stan Lee did sign this unfortunately he signed over part of Chris Evans' signature. Oh well, it happens! 

If you had asked me prior to the premiere who I thought would sign the most I would of said Mark Ruffalo and yet he didn't sign anywhere near what he has done in the past. I still managed to get a few but he was done quick.

I also got Jon Favreau on this photo which already had Joss Whedon on it.

Scarlett Johansson was another to where if she didn't sign I would not of been surprised but she started at the beginning of the line and did the whole line and signed just as much as anyone did on arrivals. She worked her way down and between me and my son we got 5 (!) which left me ecstatic as it could take me another 3 years to get that many out of her.

I was able to get Chris Hemsworth on this as well and it is complete!!!

As Scarlett started signing Jeremy Renner showed up and started at the beginning of the line as well and when he finally got to us he was signing anything put in front of him and I told him multiple times how much I loved him in The Town. Last couple times I saw him he was acting skittish about signing but not on this day.

If you had told me at the beginning of the day I would get Renner on this and not Ruffalo I would of laughed at you but I didn't get the last laugh on this one.

God how Samuel L Jackson drives me crazy! Couple years ago he was a good signer and I got him multiple times in a 2 week stretch but he is simply not like that anymore. He doesn't like to sign and very rarely does now. I did not think he would sign but I was hoping as Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all-time and while he signed I certainly did not get him on what I wanted. What I wanted him on was a photo I have of him from Pulp Fiction. Here is my exchange with him as he was signing.

Samuel L Jackson: Man that ain't even the right photo.
Me: Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie, can you please sign it Samuel!
 (He proceeds to skip it and not sign it so I then pull out Avengers photos)
Samuel L Jackson: So your'e admitting you have more than one piece of shit photo?
Me: Absolutely I admit it! Can you sign my Pulp Fiction photo?
Samuel L Jackson: Why, it's worth more?
 (Are you serious Sam? Wouldn't you think that Avengers would sell better than anything right now?)
ME: Its my favorite movie Sam! If you sign my Avengers I am going to sell it. If you sign my Pulp Fiction I am going to keep it.

He signed my Avengers and NOT my Pulp Fiction and that was that. Anyone who has a problem with what I do and that I sell celebrity autographs can KISS MY ASS!!! First off, I do this because I love doing it and meeting these people that were my idols growing up and I don't sell everything. I keep everything from Tarantino movies (and The Wire and other stuff as well) and wanted him on my Pulp Fiction so I could keep it but to Sam and many other celebrities they simply don't care. They believe everyone is selling who has a photo (and my theory on that is that it allows them to keep their distance and not sign for anyone cause they believe everyone is selling) and if they want to believe that and act according to that belief, then whoever chooses to sell their graph, good for them.

I also got Chris Hemsworth on this.

Chris Evans was up next and I was able to get a bunch signed and was very happy about it as he signed way more than he did at the premiere of Captain America.

Chris Hemsworth signed so much on arrivals that I literally could of gotten 3-4 more signed if I could of found them in my severely disorganized bag but I couldn't in time but I did find my Cabin In The Woods so I added him to that as well.

Clark Gregg showed up and I could of added him to some of my cast shots but instead I wanted to get the 2 photos I had of his wife, Jennifer Grey, signed, and thankfully I did.

Joss Whedon signed and let me say this guy is starting to get on my nerves! As he is signing he comes down the line and decides, rather arbitrarily, to skip people's photos. Then when you ask him to sign since he skipped you, security says he already signed for you! Well, when this happened I looked at the lady with him and said you know he didn't sign for me and she said yes and then grabbed my photo and took it to him for him to sign. Thank you so much lady!

I also got Jon Favreau on this.

Tom Hiddleston was the last of the main cast to come through and sign and I got lucky as he was doing the whole line but then right when he got to me is when his people pulled him away to go do press so the people after me didn't get him.

Robert Downey Jr arrived and waved to the crowd but I didn't get his autograph as he went to one section and maybe signed 5-6 autographs and then was done.

Cobie Smulders signed on the way out and I was able to get one.

Audrina Patridge was a surprise show up and I had photos for her in my car so after the arrivals were over I went and pulled them and was able to get her to sign them on the way out.

Dominic Monaghan was another celeb who showed up and I got him on my one Lord of The Rings photo.

Stellan Skarsgard didn't sign on the way in but he did sign alot on the way out and I was able to get a couple signed by him.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out....Yes lots of preparation and patience is needed. I got a few but missed out on Scarlett because of this guy that threw his stuff on top of mine right when she was about to get mine (I know all is fair in love and war). Great to meet you though and got a taste of what you folks do. Email me if you could spare one and sell it at a decent price. The movie was decent but not the Avatar 3d so probably would not waste the extra $$ for 3d.