Monday, November 28, 2011

Hawkeye! James Coughlin! Yes Its Jeremy Renner!

I am a huge fan of Renner and honestly how could anybody not be after seeing the movie The Town so I was extremely stoked to get his autograph tonight and get him on the photos I got him on. He is not the signer that he used to be but he will sign on occasion and thankfully that was tonight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super 8 Blu Ray Release Party

Considering where this party was being held I had no expectations of success and in fact was fully prepared to leave with nothing at all! With that said, I did great. I got JJ Abrams on my Lost cast shot and got Glynn Turman, Joel McKinnon Miller, Elle Fanning, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills and Abrams on both of my Super 8 cast shots and in fact could of got more except Joel Courtney, Gabriel Basso and Riley Griffiths decided to ignore us from 5 feet away and not sign anything the whole night!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas Experience Video Game Launch

For the first couple hours all I kept saying was how disastrous this event was but by the end of the night it did get better. I added Boo Boo Stewart to my Hollywood sign photo, added Edi Gathegi to my Twilight and got him on my XMEN First Class and added Mena Suvari to both of my American Reunion cast shots. Of course the best was getting 3 Jamie Lynn Sigler autographs and honestly if it hadn't been for those this night would of been horrible.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Man of The Year Awards

There were so many stars out at the Man of The Year awards last night in Hollywood that there was a constant stream of celebrities in and out for close to 6 hours!!! There's alot to detail so let me get the ball rolling!

Armie Hammer: he signed on way in and out but not much and maybe did a total of 15 to 20 but I got both of mine done which included adding him to my Social Network which has him and Justin and Rashida on now. I'm going to need some luck to get Rooney Mara and Jesse Eisenberg on it.

Ioan Gruffudd: Got him on my Titanic I started and got a picture with him. Every time I see this guy he is super nice.

Eli Roth: Got a picture with him and added him to my Grindhouse and Inglourious Basterds and he also wrote his character name "Bear Jew" on it.

Michael Fassbender: probably signed more than anybody the entire night. He went down the line signing everything and I got him on my Basterds as well which by the way he signed twice! He said he signed it the first time upside down so he signed again.

BJ Novak: once again he was not nice and didn't come over and sign but a friend grabbed my Basterds photo and ran over to him at his car and he did it. Now, I really only need Brad Pitt on it and it is done!!!

Edgar Wright: after my tweeting back and forth with him last week I reminded him about how he said he would sign my photo and he came over and said he remembered and signed my Scott Pilgrim. I then asked him to sign my Grindhouse and write "Don't" on it and what he wrote was "If you are thinking of selling the poster DON'T". It is one of my favorite graphs!

Jerry Ferrara: TURTLE! I added him to both of my Entourage cast shots and he even remarked that the photo that says Entourage looked cool and it looked like I had everyone on it but I can assure you Jerry I dont but I am trying!

John Cho: the fact he signed was a surprise to me and I got him on my Harold and Kumar 3D (which already had Kal on it so it is done plus I am tired of trying to get Neal Patrick) but of course, like many celebrities, he signed over part of 2 people's signatures!

Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan: the star and creator of Breaking Bad have always been nice and last night was no different. I got Vince on all 3 of my cast shots and I asked him to sign on top of one of them above the cast cause I told them he was there God and he just laughed and did it. Aaron once again tryed to sign everything put in front of him.

Cobie Smulders: now this excited me. I got her on all 3 of my Avengers cast shots and while 2 of them only have her on it 1 of them has her and Chris Evans and Director Joss Whedon and I would love to finish it before the movie comes out.

Anna Faris: I only had one photo of her which I got done and I also noticed she was trying to look who she was signing for so she wouldn't sign multiples for anyone which of course didn't help.

Lake Bell: for anyone who hasn't seen her tv show How To Make It In America I highly recommend it so it was nice to meet her last night and get all 4 of my photos done. However, I will never try to get her on the sexy shots again and she was not digging them.

Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and Rich Sommer: Any night where I can get 3 Mad Men cast members is a good night especially when Moss is not the easiest graph to obtain. Jon literally only signed maybe 3 graphs and once again another celebrity signing over another persons autograph though at least in Jon's case it didn't go over much of Elisabeth's auto.

Jaime King: we thought she had left as she was already in her car but she did a u-turn and came back and stopped and rolled down and signed and I was able to get my 3 photos done, one of which was The Spirit which is a god awful movie and I still don't understand why I keep working on this.

Chris Pine: he didn't come out until after 1 in the morning and only signed a few but I got him on my photo of him and Zach Quinto which is now done!!!

Joe Manganiello, Mariana Klaveno, Lizzy Caplan and Alexandra Breckenridge of True Blood: all four signed and I got all of them on my shots except I wasn't able to get Joe on one of them. Now I need some of the big names on them!!!

Michael Shannon and Jack Huston: Boardwalk Empire!!! Michael I've met many times and he's always nice but meeting Jack for the first time was a huge deal for me as I love his character Richard Harrow.

Ewan McGregor: while I can't stand the Star Wars movies he was in any event getting him on a Star Wars photo is a good night indeed as I know how much people love the space fantasy series (thats an in joke with a friend of mine).

Sarah Silverman: she came over right to me and signed my photo and as in the past she says she will only sign one photo per grown ass man which I find funny every time she says it.

Emily Vancamp: this was another first as I had never met her before and I am happy to report she was nice and signed quite a bit on the way in and out and I got both photos done.

John Hawkes: I am a big fan of his and while it took alot of calling to get him to come over it paid off as I got him to sign my Deadwood photo and I got a picture with him.

Dermot Mulroney: Young Guns is a classic in my opinion so all the haters out there feel free to laugh now! I don't care! Your all wrong and I am right! Needless to say getting a picture with him and getting his auto on my Young Guns photo was a big deal to me.

Joel McHale: got both of my photos signed and surprisingly this was the first time I had got his autograph.

Jeremy Sisto: Six Feet Under is one of the greatest tv shows ever in my opinion and is not the easiest cast to deal with so to get anyone of them on my photo was good for me plus the added bonus of a celebrity who actually has a legible autograph!

Dollar Bills: I got Billy Campbell and Jason Ritter on dollar bills and got a picture with both of them.

Index Cards: I got Russell Westbrook, Chris D'Elia, Kathleen Robertson, Rudy Gay, Adam Scott, Jason Ritter, Milo Ventimiglia, Janice Dickinson, Beth Behrs and Allyson Felix.