Thursday, May 17, 2012

Opening Night of Chicago Musical w Christie Brinkley, Danica McKellar, Katrina Law and MORE!!! Autographs! Photos! Video!

Last night was the Opening Night in Hollywood of the musical Chicago and with it many stars came out in attendance and all of them signed!

Just as I arrived many stars started showing up and the first I noticed was Robert Hays. I had 4 photos for him and he was really nice and signed them all and I think he thought he was done but once the other graphers realized who I was getting they all came up and he started signing again.

This venue is quite different from other events as it is a free for all which consequently leads to craziness at times and for whatever reason that craziness extends to Shirley Jones every time she is at this place. She gets swarmed with tons of photos around her and yet she always smiles and signs and I got both of my photos signed quickly and got out of that mess.

Raphael Sbarge showed up and thankfully I had my Once Upon a Time cast piece on me and was able to add him to it.

Patrick Gallagher of Glee showed up and I added him to all 3 of my cast shots. He is a regular at this place and always signs when there. Really nice guy.

Right as I finished getting Patrick on my cast shots I turn around and see a car pull up and see Katrina Law get out and I ran over and got my 4 photos signed and even though it got a little crazy for her she is such a great signer that she just kept smiling and talking to everyone and signing probably as much as any celebrity that night.

As I put my signed photos of Katrina in my bag I look and see Danica McKellar across the street and figure if I go over there it will be much easier to get my photos signed than in a crowd so that is what I did and I was able to get all of them signed. I also printed the most for her this night so she was the one that I wanted to get the most.

About this time Christie Brinkley came out from the theater and did the red carpet and I took some video of her.

Lori Loughlin showed up and I only had one photo and she signed it for me.

I knew that Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin were supposed to show up but then I saw Lisa walk up without her husband so I got my photos of her out and got her to sign them.

Sofia Milos was the last to arrive before the musical started and I got her to sign both of my photos.

Once the musical started me and my friend, Tony, went to get something to eat and watch the end of the Lakers game (Kobe choked!) and when we headed back just after intermission we saw Jaime Pressly leaving and ran up and she signed one each.

Once the play ended Stefanie Scott came out and I was able to get her to sign both of my photos.

Then I saw Greg Louganis and I was able to get him to sign the only photo I had for him.

Now it was time to wait for the star of the show, Christie Brinkley. Just like the night before when I saw her she was so nice to everyone and posed and danced for the paparazzi (which I got video of) and she signed for everyone and took photo ops.

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  1. Have you ever gotten Kobe, being in LA? Got him in Hawaii during training camp, but never at a game or hotel. Not many people have, but figure might be easier living in LA?