Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Mean's War Premiere With Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Laura Vandervoort and Tom Hardy! Autographs! Videos!

Going into this premiere I figured that Tom and Chris would cross the street and sign but probably not Reese and once again a celebrity throws me off and the story of this premiere became Tom Hardy NOT signing!

On arrivals he didn't pay us any attention and then when the movie broke security walked him across the street to the after party where all hell broke loose and turned into a mob scene that looked like the final scene of Do The Right Thing! He did a few autographs in the crowd probably just to keep people from getting any crazier than they already were but after that we knew we wouldn't get him. It literally got so bad that people were shoving a girl with him and he grabbed her purse just to hold onto it. This is the kind of thing that makes no sense to me. I still don't know why people do this to celebrities and it never works and it only hurts.

But on arrivals Laura came over first and I got both of the photos I had for her signed.

Next up was Chris Pine and we literally never called him cause as soon as he got out of his SUV he started to come over and I was able to get 2 photos signed by him.

And then Reese dropped and just like Chris we never had to call her as she just came right over and RACKED! She was signing everything and I had to bob and weave (keep moving down the line) to get my photos done but I did get them all done!


  1. Good job as always! But "suprised" Reese came over and signed? Where did you hear she's not cool? Reese has always been good to me and I have NEVER had a problem with her signing multiples. BUT seeing how she and how Laura Vandervoot signatures looked I'm glad I didn't come out just to get my personal items "ruined". I'm sorry but these hollywood premieres are not fun and not the best place and situation to get autographs. Unless you're a dealer/ebayer who don't care if the sigantures crap and are happy with just lierary a squiggle sometimes, as a real fan and collector I'd rather stay at home. Thank god there are lower key events and screenings to where you'll get a better autograph. Anyway it was still a good night for you. Nice job!

    1. When I post on my blog it is my experiences and not what I have "heard". I have met Reese many times and many times it did not go well. Most of those times were low key and once was one on one and she still didn't do it. Everyone has different experiences just like everyone has their opinion about quality of graphs. See, some people are just happy to meet them and get an autograph while others make comments about how only dealers would want premiere autographs. While I do sell and never deny it I am still a FAN and enjoy meeting these celebrities.