Friday, February 17, 2012

Sony Party With Chloe Moretz, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Duhamel, Jessica Szohr! Autographs! Photos!

Sony held a party for the launch of PS Vita so I expected a few celebs to show and since there went many graphers there I ended up doing pretty damn well!

First up was Alexander Gould, of Weeds and Finding Nemo fame, and let me tell you this kid is rare so I was ecstatic about getting him on 3 Finding Nemo photos.

Then came Chloe Moretz and I was able to get her on 3 solo shots and added her to my Hugo cast shot.

Josh Duhamel showed up and did his usual, "hey guys one each" and then proceeded to probably sign less than one per person but I did get him on my Transformers photo.

Then came Liam Hemsworth and if Hunger Games becomes a huge hit I expect it to go right to his head based on how he acted last night. He signed a few on the way in and seem annoyed by it and then signed a few on the way out acting like he did everyone a huge favor.

I am a huge fan of Friday Night Lights and I knew Scott Porter was supposed to show up so I had my cast shot with me and got him on it and a photo with him. My cast shot now has him, Jesse Plemons, Aimee Teegarden, Kyle Chandler and Adrianne Palicki on it,

Craig Robinson, who I needed on Fanboys, snuck in on arrivals and almost did on the way out and when we caught up to him he said he would only sign if we didn't take any pictures of him so no proof photos for Craig!

The last person to show up was Jessica Szohr and I got all my photos done and barely as she was moving like she was shot out of a cannon! She literally spent all of 15 seconds signing!


  1. liam's probably not nice because he was with miley cyrus for so long, and her attitude isn't so good..
    no "kick ass" pics for chloe??? those are the best selling items for her (and her best movie!!!)
    have fun buddy.

    1. I didn't get her on Kick Ass as I already have quite a few of those signed so I though I would go for something different.

  2. Good luck getting Glauis Charles on your Friday Night Lights cast! I've been sitting on my cast ever since season one and I've still yet to get him to finish mine!

    1. I know! Met him a couple times and it didn't go well. Maybe the 3rd times a charm!