Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jane Lynch, Lea Thompson, Masiela Lusha, Beverly D'Angelo and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I went to a play opening last night in Hollywood and first off it was freezing! I know most people would love to have our weather but yes it does get cold here sometimes.

I was able to add 2 more people to my 24 cast shot as I got Lauren Storm and Oscar Nunez to both sign it.

Next up was Larry Hankin and I was so excited to get him on my Breaking Bad pieces and he seemed just as excited to sign them.

I had never met Jon Huertas before but after meeting him I must say this guy is real nice. I need to check out some of his work.

The last couple times I have seen Jane Lynch she has not been cool, has not signed and completely ignored everyone so of course on this night when I only have 1 photo she racks!

Jo Anne Worley walked up and surprisingly I was the only one with photos so a friend of mine had her sign both so I could get exact photos of her signing each!

Patrick Gallagher of Glee showed up and all I had was my True Blood cast photos so I had him sign both.

Masiela Lusha has always been nice, and she was again last night but she moves so fast I never have alot of time to get her or to get pictures but I managed to slow her down to get my 4 photos signed.

Beverly D'Angelo, who has become rather rare out here, I guess decided to make up for that fact as she signed and signed and my god signed some more! I just had my Family Guy photo which she was quite happy about signing.

I'm willing to bet money if you looked up chaotic in the dictionary it would describe Lea Thompson signing last night! It was madness to the 9th degree. Most of the time she was signing I could not see her due to the cloud of photos an inch from her head but she just kept smiling and signing!

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