Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Act of Valor After Party With Cast and Guests! Roselyn Sanchez! Autographs! Photos!

After going for Lana Del Ray I headed over to the after party for the movie Act of Valor (which the preview looks cool to me) to see if I could get the 7 active duty U.S. Navy Seals in the movie and I managed to get 5 and a few others as well.

Me and friend had a picture of the 7 guys and their first names (have not been able to figure out there last names as apparently the NAVY doesn't want them released as they are still active duty) and we spotted them all and Derick, Duncan, Rourke, Ray and Mike signed for us but Dave and Ajay didn't.

I got 8 people on this photo: Ray, Derick, Rourke, Mike, Alex Veadov, Nestor Serrano, Gonzalo Menendez and Emilio Rivera

I got 9 people on this one: Ray, Duncan, Derick, Rourke, Mike, Alex Veadov, Gonzalo Menendez, Nestor Serrano and Emilio Rivera

I also added Nestor Serrano to my 24 cast shot.

Roselyn Sanchez came over and I decided not to put her on the movie poster shot and instead got her on 2 individuals.

ALVAREZ!!! Emilio Rivera of Sons of Anarchy (the best show currently on TV) went in and said he would sign on the way out and true to his word he did. I was able to get him on both of my SOA cast shots and he wrote his character name and I got a photo op with him.

I also added Danny Trejo to this.

I also added Danny Trejo to this as well.

Danny Trejo came to support Emilio and along with signing my SOA cast shots I also got him on my Breaking Bad.

Michael Clarke Duncan was a surprise show up and the only thing I had for him was my Family Guy photo so I got him on it.

Anyone who knows the Miller High Life Commercials knows Windell Middlebrooks! He was so happy to come over and take a couple photos ops with us and shook everyone's hand and thanked us for coming out!

By far the biggest surprise and biggest highlight of the night for me was Metallica's Kirk Hammett showed up and signed and I got a picture with him! Metallica is one of my all-time favorite bands so this made my night!

I should also note that Tim Tebow showed up and completely ignored the 4 of us there and even when I asked for a photo op he ignored us. He just put his head down and walked in and didn't want anything to do with us!

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