Monday, February 20, 2012

Straight Upton Now Tell Me Are You Really Never Gonna Sign For Me Kate! NO NO NO Autographs!

Anyone get the reference? 

Anyways, I went to the Airport yesterday to try and get autographs of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model and apparently biggest star on the planet and left with nothing but bad memories!

When she came out (and before it got crazy) she blew off 2 people so right away I knew it wasn't going to go good and it got progressively worse!

As she was walking to her car her publicist kept saying "Guys, get in a line and she will do 1 each" so when she was at her car everyone was saying we are in a line now can you sign and Kate and her publicist got in the car and didn't do anything!

This is when it got crazy and bolstered a mentality I still don't get. People started yelling at her that it was her job to sign and knocking on the car window and saying how dare you not sign you haven't even done anything in your career and basically anything that would further cement her NOT SIGNING! 

If a celebrity doesn't sign then I just wait til hopefully the circumstances arise where they do but this is not what I do! I don't understand why people do this or think this will work!

Lost in all the craziness is that she did sign 2 autographs but this is clearly someone who does not like signing autographs!

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