Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rooney Mara, Gary Oldman, George Clooney, Glenn Close, Brad Pitt and others! Autographs! Photos! Videos!

The stars were out yesterday in Beverly Hills and it was a great day (and long day) for me! Everyone who showed up signed except for Meryl Streep and Nick Nolte and there is plenty to get to so let me get to the good stuff!

Rooney Mara somehow made it in on the way in without anyone seeing her but we noticed her on the way out and while she did sign it wasn't much but I got a couple.

Gary Oldman, who is certainly working on being considered the nicest person in Hollywood once again signed and just as he started signing he looked at me and said one each for everyone and then as always he racks and starts signing everything!

Janusz Kaminski, the cinematographer for Jerry Maguie walked by and I got him on my photo that already has Regina King, Jonathan Lipnicki and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing came over to sign and I got him on my Moneyball and Social Network photos and got a picture with him and made sure to tell him that The West Wing was a tremendous show with some of the greatest writing ever to which he said I really appreciate you saying that. Aaron was very fan friendly this day.

I also got Brad Pitt to sign this photo on this day and this is all I was able to get him on as it got crazy when he started signing and to make matters worse Melissa McCarthy was already signing when Brad came over so it was a truly chaotic situation!

Viola Davis signed on the way in and the way out and I finally managed to get my pic with her and she was so nice but on the way out when she was signing a friend of hers said wow they have a lot of people with alot of photos and Viola replied by saying, "Yeah, they just multiply!"

Melissa McCarthy was in her usual good mood and while she did freak out a little at how crazy people got when Brad came over to sign she still stood there and kept signing!

Michelle Williams signed but the one thing I noticed this time is she has gotten very picky with what she will sign. She skipped over my Vogue cover photo of her and I heard from some other people she skipped some of there photos as well.

This was the shock for me today as Glenn Close came over all smiles and stood in one spot and just went to town signing! She is a difficult signer so this was unexpected and if I had had more photos I could of gotten them done as well.

I don't care how many I get as I will always take Martin Scorsese autographs if I can get them so to get 3 more and finally get him on a Entourage photo was definitely a score for me!

I also got producer Graham King and visual artists Alex Henning and Ben Grossman on it.

I think Octavia Spencer is a lock to win the Oscar and my experience tells me that most people who win an Oscar get tougher as far as signing so I think my time is running out on her so I was thrilled to get these last 2 photos signed.

While George Clooney stills signs he is not the signer he used to be so it can be tough to get him sometimes as he moves real quick when signing but I did get 2 done.

I also added screenwrites Nat Faxon and Jim Rash to this photo that I already had Shailene Woodley on as well.

I already got Don Cheadle on this photo.

Berenice Bejo and her husband Michael Hazanavicius (director of The Artist) both said they didn't have time to sign when leaving and got in their SUV but then when they realized they were stuck in traffic in valet they both got out, came over and signed up a storm!

Annie Mumolo, oscar nominated for the script of Bridesmaids, came over and was all smiles and signed a ton and unfortunately for us told us that Kristen Wiig would not be showing up! :(

I spotted Chris Columbus just standing and waiting for his car so I held up my photo of The Help and on a dollar bill and he came right over and signed for everyone and I got a photo op with him as well.

Now I know that Demian Bichir just doesn't like crowds. We saw him pass by and asked him to sign but he never stopped and then as me and a friend were leaving we saw him on the side waiting for his car and he signed one each for us and was nice but he doesn't want to sign in crowds.

For anyone who hasnt seen or heard of the movie Margin Call I do recommend it and it is streaming on Netflix right now so check it out! Anyways, the writer director of Margin Call, JC Chandor, who was nominated for his screenplay, came over and signed for a couple of us as we were the only one's with photos for him.

Jennifer Yuh, the director of Kung Fu Panda 2, came over and signed and I got my one photo done.

Bret Mckenzie, star of Flight of Conchords and Oscar nominated for his song in The Muppets came over and signed and I got my 2 8x10's done but dammit I forgot he is going to be in The Hobbit and I didn't get him to sign my Hobbit photo! I seriously hate when I do that!

Fernando Trueba came over and signed quite a bit and I got my 2 photos done of him.

Grant Heslov, George Clooneys producing partner has always been nice so I printed 4 photos and was able to get them all done.

Lastly, I got Artist star and from what I hear another lock to win the Oscar, Jean Dujardin on all my photos and he was just as nice as ever and hopefully he stays this way after he wins!


  1. Curious...Do you actually keep any of your graphs or do you just sell?

    1. I keep some; keep all Tarantino stuff and then just random stuff I like and usually keep one of every celebrity I get.