Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Katee Sackhoff is one of the coolest celebrities in Hollywood!

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet and get a picture with and get some autographs of the actress Katee Sackhoff, she of Battlestar Gallactica fame and of course one of the greatest TV shows ever, 24!

A couple days ago a friend of mine tells me that he's on Facebook and she put a link to my blog on her Facebook page! I thought and still do think it was remarkable that she did that so I would like to take this chance to let more people know how great she is and to follow her on Facebook and Twitter and her Official website if they want to follow a GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, DOWN-TO-EARTH actress who actually pays attention to her fans!

Here are the links and please follow her if you would like: (her website) (her blog) (her facebook)

@kateesackhoff (her twitter)

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