Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pre-Oscar Party with Maggie Grace, Johnny Galecki, Walton Goggins, Kat Graham and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This is the week of Oscar parties every day and I tried another one last night and not half of the names on the list actually showed but I did get a few names.

Lesley Ann Brandt showed up, who wasn't on the list, so I didn't have any photos for her so I just got a photo op with her since at conventions she is charging $50 a pop for photos with her!

Next to show was Alison Brie and I was able to get 4 of my 6 photos signed.

Kat Graham showed up and I had her sign a dollar bill for me.

Anyone who reads my blog or knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of Quentin Tarantino so anytime I can add someone to a cast shot of his is a big deal to me and I added Walton Goggins to my Django Unchained cast shot which already has Harvey Weinstein on it.

Maggie Grace, who I really really like, showed up and I got her on both of my LOST cast pieces and a 8x10 but she has gotten very picky with what she will sign. In the past she would sign anything put in front of her but now she won't sign anything she deems too sexy and will just skip it.

I also added Bai Ling to this last night as well. There was something interesting with Bai last night. She has always been super nice but last she had a guy with her who was doing everything he could to prevent her from signing and people taking pictures with her. I don't know if this is a one-time thing or not. Time will tell.

Michelle Branch, the famous 90's singer who I had never seen before showed up and I got her to sign a dollar bill for me.

Dylan McDermott showed up and I got him to sign my 2 American Horror Story photos.

Ed Begley Jr, showed up and I added him to my Six Feet Under cast shot.

Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame, bolted out of the party and I had to run 2 blocks on Hollywood Blvd. to catch up with him and get him to sign my cast photo which now just needs both Kevin's.

My final score of the night was Johnny Galecki. On the way in I got 1 photo signed and then on the way out I got my other 2 done. The last time I saw him at the In Time premiere he completely blew us off so this was a big "get" to me.


  1. Keep it up Autograph guy.... I enjoy watching

  2. Sweet! I will send you another payment for Ms. Grace!!