Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pre-Oscar Party With Rose McGowan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Olga Kurylenko, Jared Leto and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

Harvey Weinstein was hosting a Pre-Oscar party in Hollywood and even though there weren't alot of names on the list I went as I needed a few of them (especially Olga) and I did pretty well plus there were a few surprises.

The first surprise was Cuba Gooding Jr. who no one knew was going to be there including me and when we called him asked him to come over he said sure, why not, there's nothing else going on!

Ever since I saw Legends of The Fall I have always liked Julia Ormond and while I have gotten her autograph before I had never got the photo op which I finally accomplished this night.

After Julia signed I got another surprise as Jessica Chastain showed up and I didn't have any photos of her on me so I got another photo op with her as in my opinion this was the best I had ever seen her look! Honestly, I thought she looked amazing this night!

Another surprise show up was Jason Segel and once again I had no photos for him so I helped a friend get one signed and then got a pic with him. I have to say everytime I see this guy, and I see him quite a bit, he is always great with his fans.

As I said before, the main reason I went to this event was I needed Olga Kurylenko bad! She is quite rare and she won't sign bikini or sexy photos but when I am lucky enough to see her she does sign if you have appropriate photos for her. I had 5 photos that I needed her to sign (including one that already had Daniel Craig on it) and I managed to get all 5 done with a little help from a couple friends (and you know who you are! seriously, thank you!) They got 2 of them signed for me, and I got 3 signed and then I got a photo op with her!

Danny Huston showed up with Olga and after I got her autographs out of the way I got the one I had for him signed and then got a photo with him where I swear he looks evil in the photo! I wanted to tell him 30 Days of Night is NOT real!

Now this was fun! Jared Leto showed up and I didn't have anything for him to sign so I helped a friend of mine who had what seemed like 15 photos for him as he accidentally printed 10 of the same shot! Jared was super cool and signed everything, I got 6 done of the same shot myself so my friend gave me 3 of them and while Jared was signing he kept saying, "Is everybody good?!, Did everybody get everything they wanted?!" Yes, Jared, we DID!

Rose McGowan was the last person to show up that I had photos for her and I got one of them signed by her. When I saw her last time at the Conan The Barbarian premiere nothing could get this woman to stop signing (and security even tried!) but this night she didn't do much.

Busy Phillips, James Cromwell and Beth Grant also showed up and I got photo ops with each.

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