Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jennifer Aniston's Walk of Fame Ceremony in Hollywood! Autographs! Photos! Videos!

Generally I don't do Walk of Fame ceremonies due to the time and crowds and security but this is Jennifer Aniston so I had to! HAD TO!

I arrived early and got a great spot on the rail and it helped as when the ceremony was over she came right to my area which meant all I had to deal with was the crazies behind me! Any event with this much of a crowd, and people (mostly tourists who are not used to seeing and meeting celebrities) tend to act like animals and exhibit no acceptable forms of social interaction as they will literally crush kids to get to the front, and yes I have seen it.

I heard before the ceremony started that Malin Akerman and Adam Sandler would be the guest speakers and I didn't have anything for either to sign so I just got Malin on a dollar bill.

Jennifer really only signs at premieres and events like these and with her taking time off from movie's right now it will probably be at least a year before I get a chance at her again so I was thrilled to get her to sign my 3 photos.

Here is video I took of Malin Akerman and Kathryn Hahn's speeches:

Video I took of Adam Sandler's speech which is quite funny:

Here is the video I took of Jennifer's speech:

And finally this is the video I took of the unveiling of her star:

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