Monday, February 27, 2012

Independent Spirit Awards With Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jessica Chastain, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Ian Somerhalder, Shailene Woodley and MORE!! Autrographs! Photos! Videos!

This has always been one of my favorite events each year even though I had to taper my expectations for this year as last year was one of the worst Spirit Awards I had ever been to. Compared to previous years this wasn't the best but it was certainly better than last year!

The head of my list right now to be my best signer of 2012 is Jeffrey Dean Morgan by a landslide! This guy is the epitome of a great signer and truly enjoys interacting with his fans. I got several photos signed, took pictures of him signing and video of him signing. When he is right in front of you signing you really feel like you are the most important person to him right then.

If you watch the video I took of Jeffrey you can hear him say this is his favorite photo!

Also with Jeffrey was Hilarie Burton and I figured if she was dating him (and they do have a kid together) that just by osmosis she had to be nice and she was!!! She didn't spend the amount of time Jeffrey did with fans but then again no one does!

Most people may not know who Ed Lauter is but to me he is Police Captain Quiggle from True Romance! Yes, I get a ridiculous thrill every time I add someone to a Q.T. cast photo!

Ok, now I know Ian Somerhalder probably has millions of fans out there but this guy is just plain weird to me. Says he can't sign, and then signs some. Tells one person I don't do photo ops and then moves 2 people down and does a photo op. Weird guy. I had both of my Lost cast photos with me and got him to sign both.

Micheal Shannon is another class act in Hollywood and I had 4 photos of Superman for him and he graciously signed all 4.

Jessica Chastain showed up and was so nice to the crowd of fans that when she was leaving people in my section starting applauding her to which she looked back and thanked everyone again and honestly looked like she was going to cry! I am enjoying every encounter with her right now as I believe she is going to be a big star and will only get more difficult when that happens.

Am I the only person who thinks Shailene Woodley was robbed by not getting an Oscar nomination?! Seriously, she was amazing in The Descendants so I was happy she won the Spirit Award and she signed the one photo I had for her.

Lou Diamond Phillips showed up and I didn't have any photos! UUUGGGGHHHHHHH! I am a big fan and didn't know he was going to be there so I had him sign an index card and a dollar bill.

Chris Pine signed a few autographs and for some reason was skipping some Star Trek photos so I had him sign a This Means War photo for me.

Michel Hazanavicius, director of The Artist, came over and I got my picture with him.

Rosario Dawson is such a sweetheart. She spends time with her fans signing and taking photos and just having a good time! She signed a bunch for me and I got a pic with her.

Goran Visnjic came over and signed a few autographs and I got him on my Girl With The Dragon Tattoo photo.

It gets so crazy whenever Olivia Wilde signs autographs and to be honest I still don't get it. What has she been in or done that makes her this popular? In all the madness I managed to get 1.

Zach Quinto didn't sign on the way in but did on the way out and I added him to my Star Trek photo that already has Chris Pine on it and got him to sign another photo for me. On this day, Zach actually signed more than Chris when it is usually the other way around.

I was able to get another Olga Kurylenko done but I just wish this woman would sign a greater variety of photos!

Kirsten Dunst was by far the biggest shocker of the night to me. She actually signed! Trust me, that is RARE! And, I got 2 done! I hadn't got 2 photos signed of her in the previous 5 years!

I got 2 of the 4 photos I had of Simon Baker signed and I am thrilled at that as he walked right over to me and the over/under for the total autographs he signed I think would be 10.

As many times as I say it I have to keep saying it: celebrities just baffle me sometimes! Jason Isaacs shows up and starts signing and says 1 each. He starts in the middle then goes to the end and then works his way all the way back down again doing the same spot multiple times the whole time saying one each! If they just started at one end and went to the other wouldn't it be so much simpler! Because of him doing what he did I of course got multiples done!

I never miss an opportunity to tell people about the greatness of The Wire so it nearly broke my heart when Andre Royo, who played Bubbles on The Wire, stopped signing right before me and tells me he can't do it! There wasn't even anyone else there who had a photo left for him. As I was wallowing in my misery a friend tells me he see's Andre walking down the rail so I decide to go running for him and when I get up to him what does he say? This is word for word what he said, "I appreciate you running for me." Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! I would of appreciated you not making me run! Another case of celebrities that just baffle me.

When did Michelle Williams become such a big star?!!? Honestly, I'm still not convinced she is so if she signs or not it never really matters to me. If I get her great and if not its no big deal. Not trying to sound harsh but I just don't get it with her. She is not hot, does not have a body of work that is impressive to me but apparently I am in the minority on this.

Willem Dafoe, now this is a star to me! A GREAT body of work and a tremendous actor so to get these photos signed by him was HUGE as he is not common around here. And, he was great this day as he signed on the way in and way out.

Terrence Howard was signing and I got all my photos signed but I was a little hesitant handing him Iron Man but he never batted an eye and was super nice and signed it.

Sarah Paulson was a late arrival and I had to run for her but I got her on both of my Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip cast photos which both already have Amanda Peet on.

If Jeffery Dean Morgan is the best signer of 2012 so far then Matt Bomer is number 2. He signed on the way in and out and on the way out he remembered that he skipped a section and made sure to get those people, including me, on the way out. A great guy and if you haven't seen his show White Collar check it out. It is alot of fun.

Oh my god the Diva Jonah Hill actually signed some autographs! This guy has gotten so tough here in LA that I was literally shocked when he signed so I ran for him and got 3 of my photos done as who knows when he decides to pick up a sharpie again!

Janet McTeer closes out my great day by signing and I got 2 of my photos signed by her.

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  1. I love Rosario and have been trying to get her for years. I would love to trade for it, but figure you have everyone in hollywood. any sports guys you like? I guess I can buy it too....can you cut a deal for a loyal follower?