Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lana Del Ray in Hollywood! Autographs! Photos! Video!

All I have been hearing lately is how Ms Del Ray is the next BIG thing but honestly after hearing her music I don't get it as it doesn't sound mainstream at all to me but hey what do I know?!

She was scheduled to tape a talk show appearance in Hollywood yesterday so I went to get her on the way in and thank god cause on the way out it was madness to the 9th degree!

On the way in she was nice and did sign multiples (though the guy with her tried to keep us from getting multiples) and she took pictures with people and was a very down-to-earth musician but maybe she will be big time based on the way out when it looked like all of Hollywood came out for her and people acted like it was Lady Gaga signing!

Honestly though, security did make it worse as every time she went to sign in a spot they kept telling her not to and she kept telling them she wanted to so it just elevated the craziness and one point she even yelled at security and told them "Where can I sign!" To put into perspective just how fan friendly she is right now (though how long this will last is anyone's guess if it keeps staying that crazy for her), as she was leaving she told everyone sorry and said meet her at her hotel and said where she was staying! That is super cool! And to be fair I and quite a few people there already knew where she was staying.

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