Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Al Pacino and Lana Del Ray in Hollywood! Autographs! Photos! Video!

I started this day off going for Christopher Walken and Lana Del Ray and didn't get Walken but ended up getting Pacino who I didn't even know was going to be there. Only in Hollywood.

As I was waiting for Walken I saw Pacino pull up and I quickly (and I mean QUICKLY) pulled my Scarface cast piece and got him to sign it. On the way out he rolled down and signed as well and I got 2 more. Any day where I get 3 Pacino autographs is a damn good day to me.

Hours later and still waiting for Walken I spot Lana get out of a Ford Taurus (?!!?) and ask her to sign and I got 2 done and then on the way out (couple hours later) I got 2 more.

Fisher Stevens arrived with Pacino but then left on his own and I added him to both of my LOST cast photos.

Jaime King showed up and I added her to my Blow cast piece. When she was leaving they backed her car in due to the many paparazzi now there but she was still kind enough to roll down and sign for me.

David Denman also showed up and I added him to both of my Fanboys cast pieces.

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