Monday, January 16, 2012

SHOWTIME/CW Party With Jeremy Irons, Kristen Bell, Emmy Rossum, William H Macy, Larry David and Many More

The stars were out once again for the Showtime/CW Party and I could barely catch my breath as the stars just kept coming and coming.

Jeremy Irons, a rare signer who I just never see, was the big draw for me this day as my mother-in-law (who just suffered a stroke a couple weeks ago and is just starting to recover) is a huge fan of his and all I wanted was for him to sign an autograph to her and mission accomplished! He was so great and signed it to her and wrote get well soon and I will be forever a fan for him taking the time to do this.

As if the day couldn't get any better a cast member of the greatest TV show ever, The Wire, Glynn Turman showed up and not only did I get my cast shot signed I also got a photo with him.

Joan Cusack showed up and while I am grateful she signed I wish she didn't feel the need to sign right next to everyone else when there is so much room left on the poster! Really?!

Next up was the cast of Shameless - Justin Chatwin, William H Macy, Steve Howey, Jeremy Allen White, Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton. They were all gracious and all signed multiple autographs though if it had been a larger crowd I am not sure that Steve would have signed as he seemed curious about the whole thing or maybe his mind was just wandering about getting home to his wife Sarah Shahi!

I added Justin to my LOST photo.

Dawn Olivieri was next and I had never met her but I wanted to add her to my Entourage cast shot and my True Blood cast shots and I was successful.

I have heard horror stories about Ed Westwick and though he wasn't very personable he did stop and sign and I did get 3 autographs from him.

Anyone a fan of The Vampire Diaries? I will be honest and admit I have never seen an episode of it and don't have a desire to either but a mention must be made about how nice Joseph Morgan is. I first met him at the premiere of The Immortals and just like then he took his time signing and he signed his fair share!

Kristen Bell has become a very tough signer (and don't even get me started about when she is with her boyfriend Dax Shepard) so I had no expectations of success her but I was blown away when she came over all smiles and I got 2 photos signed by her.

If you want to talk about a tough comedian signer then look no further than Larry David and once again the clouds parted and he signed! Not only did he sign he actually seemed happy about it! To put this into perspective the last time I got him was the premiere of Twilight back in November 2008!

In my opinion the Carol Burnett show was a landmark TV show so to finally meet Tim Conway meant I could take that off my Bucket List!

I had a couple photos that I wanted to get signed by Don Cheadle but after the way he seemed put off by someone asking for him to stop and sign an autograph I was happy just to get the one photo signed.

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