Thursday, January 26, 2012

Luck Premiere With Jill Hennessy, Kit Harington, Ted Levine, Brian Van Holt and More! Autographs! Photos!

After going for Cuba and Sarah last night I decided to try my "luck" with this premiere as there were going to be some people I needed on cast shots in attendance and for what I wanted I did quite well. Though Dustin Hoffman is the lead in the show and was there I didn't go for him as I have so many autographs of him and I preferred the other actors more.

Right off the bat a friend of mine spotted Lindsay Pulsipher of True Blood and I added her to both of my cast shots. The funny part about this was she came upon us so quick that I didn't have my photos ready so my friend asked her to wait for me to get them out of my bag and she did!

The single biggest reason I went to this premiere was I wanted Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones and while Emilia ultimately didn't show up Kit did and I got him on all 3 of my photos and this literally made my night! I always laugh though when I see tourists walking up and down Hollywood BLVD just hoping they could see a celebrity and so many walk right by them (just as Kit did) and they literally never notice!

This next one was both great and heartbreaking at the same time as I am a huge boxing fan so to see Freddy Roach and not have a boxing glove for him to sign made me want to pull my non-existent hair out but I at least got him to sign a dollar bill for me and he used my shoulder to do it!

Jill Hennessy, that ever elusive star of Crossing Jordan, surprised me by signing some autographs and I got her on the 1 photo I had plus I got her on my LUCK cast shot (which I also got Alan Rosenberg, Spencer Garrett, Ian Hart, Jason Gedrick and John Ortiz).

I spotted Spencer Garrett waiting to go into the movie so I asked him to sign my 24 and he was real nice about it and did it and seemed to like the photo.

Another celebrity who almost snuck right by me was Chris Bauer and that would of killed me as anyone who knows me knows that to me the TV show The Wire was the greatest thing ever on TV so to finally add him to my Wire cast shots was AMAZING indeed!

As all the celebrities were heading across the street to the after party I saw Richard Kind and had him sign my Toy Story 3.

While I admit I was a late-comer to the genius that is Sons of Anarchy I am on board the train now and while Brian Van Holt was only on 1 episode it was a classic scene and honestly I just plain get a little geeked to add people to these cast shots!

Finally to end this great night for me I was able to add Ted Levine to both of my Heat cast shots.

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