Saturday, January 14, 2012

And The Winners Are...???!!!!

Thank you for all who participated in the free autograph giveaway. I decided who the top 5 comments were and 1st place gets 1st choice and 2nd place gets choice and so on. So, without further adieu the winners are:

1st Place - Lindsay Barker with her comment: Hey, absolutely LOVE your blog, Best Movie: Warrior - Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton were absolutely phenomenal and I'll be extremely disappointed if Nick Nolte isn't honored in some way during awards time. Worst movie: Bridesmaids. Why was this movie so fawned over? It was rude, gross and the humor just wasn't my cup of team. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!! -Lindsay on Autograph Giveaway! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

2nd Place - Dallas with their comment: Hey! Really enjoy reading your reports of meeting celebrities! I love to meet them but don't live out where they come usually! My favorite movie this year was probably The Help, I read the book and I thought the adaptation was amazing, fantastic performaces from Viola Davis and Bryce Dallas Howard as always, and I loved getting to experience newcomers Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain -> they are both extremely talented and very deserving of there award nominations so far! Worst movie of the year is a tough one for me, usually if it looks bad I don't watch it-> but I guess I was most dissapointed in The Dilemma with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James because I'm huge fans of theres along with Queen Latifah and Wynona Ryder- it had an amazing cast but I thought it was just a bad movie, all the good parts were in the previews for it! Love the giveaway idea, you have amazing ones up for grabs, quite a few on that list I would be interested in!! :) Thanks- Dallas masterdallas04@ on Autograph Giveaway! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

3rd Place - Cort Kern with his comment: Best movie Hanna- loved the acting and story! Worst film Xmen First Class because it felt really cheesy and looked like it was hurried and cheaply made. W Cort Kern on Autograph Giveaway! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

4th Place - Big Papi with his comment: Best Movie - Planet of the Apes. Good effects and great tie in to the old ones in explaining origin. Worst - Green Lantern. Horrible acting all around and story crappy. on Autograph Giveaway! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

5th Place - Grant Davis with his comment - Tinker tailor soldier spy - great adaptation from the book. Very disappointed in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 - maybe will have to see Part 2 to make up for it???!!! And Harrison and Craig couldn't make Aliens and Cowboys get off the ground! onAutograph Giveaway! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE! FREE!

All winners please contact through here by leaving a comment to let me know which one you want. If it is already taken I will let you know so you can pick out another. Thank you to everyone!


  1. Yay! First place! I would like the Friday the 13th picture please!! My email is

    Thanks so much!

  2. The V poster please.... thank you bud!

    Cort Kern

  3. Courtney Cox please!

  4. William!! Thank you so much for the signed V poster I received it today and it truly made my Monday to which I had an extremely long day at work. I plan on meeting Laura Vandervoot this summer at comic con Chicago in which I plan on her signing this amazing photo. Thank you very much, now off to Michaels to get at 11x14 frame.

    Cort K