Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anjelica Huston, Josh Lucas, Matt Bomer, Sarah Shahi, Juliette Lewis and Many More!

NBC had a get together for their returning and new shows the other day and there were plenty of stars out in full force. This post alone feels like it is going to take a couple hours to write so let me get to it!

Going into the day I was hoping I would get to meet Anjelica Huston and what do you know she was the first to show up and come over and sign and got my day off to a great start.

Then came Josh Lucas and yet another great celebrity signer. He signed everybodys photos and took pictures and then did it again on the way out. A really nice guy.

Alot of people may not know who Jack McGee is by name but would almost certainly recognize him from his many movies and its these character actors that I love and you just don't see them out much so getting some of his autographs had me quite excited.

Every grapher has a few shows that they get excited to meet anyone from and for me one of them is 24! It is quite simply one of my all-time favorite shows so I was like a giddy teenage girl to meet Callum Keith Rennie and add him to my cast shot (and I also added him to my Firm cast shots).

There just aren't enough adjectives to write about what a great guy Matt Bomer is! Seriously, if you haven't checked out his show White Collar go do it! Its streaming on Netflix right now so no excuses! This time meeting him was the best as I finally got my picture with him!

Now I had never met Tom Cavanagh before so I didn't know what to expect but what I got was a very funny down to earth guy who just likes to have fun. When I asked him to sign my Royal Pains photos he said he was going to sign Mark's names and on one of them he wrote "Mark's Pal" and on the other he wrote Mark F backwards! Such a great guy. And then when Mark Feuerstein came out and signed them for me Tom came over and told him all about it. I love meeting celebrities who are still so humble and to top it off I got video of Tom signing them!

David Walton showed up and I got him on 2 photos. Never had met him before.

I had my Boardwalk Empire cast shot with me as I knew Mark Povinelli might show up and sure enough he did and I got him on it.

Another 24 cast member! A buddy of mine had a couple photos for Warren Cole and I didn't even recognize him from the photos and then when he showed up and was standing right in front of me I realized he was in 24 and was mad at myself for almost missing him but Warren was super cool and I added another.

Oh my god its Christina Aguilera!!! While I new she was on the list I never thought we would see her much less get her autograph and yet it happened and I got 2! This was already a good day but this made it great!

This next celebrity surprised me and just when I thought I had seen it all I see something new. Mary McCormack showed up and when everyone saw her she had her baby in her arms and was feeding it so we knew she wasn't going to sign. It didn't bother me and I'm not going to ask a woman in that situation but she walks up to us and starts taking pictures and signing autographs while holding her baby! Never seen anything like it! Just after she left her co-star Fred Weller showed up as well and completed my cast shots.

President Taylor! Another 24 cast member so as you can imagine I was in second heaven this day. She was so nice and signed both of my photos and I got a picture with her.

Penn from Penn & Teller showed up and I didnt know he was going to be there so I had him sign a dollar bill for me.

I've been working on 2 Fanboys cast shots for some time now and was finally able to get Sam Huntington on both of them.

I had never met Sarah Shahi before and had heard mixed things from her but on this night she was beyond great. She signed everything for everybody and took pictures and has made me a huge fan of hers.

Any fans of Deadwood out there cause I sure am and am still pissed about it being cancelled after 3 seasons. Anyways, Molly Parker was there and I got her on my Deadwood and my Boardwalk Empire and a cast shot from the Firm.

Another of my favorite shows is Entourage and I know people are thinking how many does he have but lets be honest there have been a lot of great shows on TV and Entourage is one of the greats. I try to get anyone I can on it and added Jeffrey Tambor to it and it is getting quite full now.

Ever since I saw Juliette Lewis in the movie Kalifornia I have wanted a picture with her and on this day my dream came true and I even got quite a bit signed by her!

My Lost cast piece is starting to look sick as I got Sonja Walger on it and while she has been weird in the past this night she was really cool.

What do Waynes World and True Lies both have in common? They both have Tia Carrere in them and I knocked another person off my list that I have been wanting a picture with.

Christina Milian came over and signed and I was able to get multiples done and she was very cool.

Blake Shelton finally cam and signed as he had refused for most of the day and I got him on my Voice cast shot which already had Adam Levine on it.

Who doesn't know who Elle McPherson is?! I had never gotten her before and never even seen her before so this was a major deal for me.

Katherine McPhee was there to promote her new show Smash and I finally saw her after about 10 hours and was able to get 2 autographs of her.

It got crazy when Amanda Peet signed and all I wanted her on was my Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip photos and I got both signed.

That 70's Show star Laura Prepon was in the house and I got all my photos signed.

Debra Messing has always been an inconsistent signer as some days she is nice and others she is brutally hard but this day was a good one.

Arsenio Hall. Right before he came over and signed and was out of this world cool someone mentioned that he is mean and won't come over and sign. Just goes to show you how this hobby can be weird.

I liked Sleeper Cell when it was on but always felt it was a retread of 24 but I thought Michael Ealy was great on it and he is a difficult signer so it was a minor victory to get these photos signed by him.

When it comes to celebrities my all-time favorite is Quentin Tarantino so I am always working on cast shots of his movies and I had my Grindhouse with me and got Jason Isaacs to sign it.

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