Monday, January 9, 2012

Haywire Premiere With Ewan McGregor and Channing Tatum

I have been extremely busy lately and haven't been able to post so with a much needed day off I am going to try to get caught up! First off, the Haywire premiere.

First to sign was Natascha Berg. I didn't have any photos for her so I got her on an index card. (The other index card in the photo is of Matt Bomer who I got here this night as well.

Next was Octavia Spencer and while I did have photos for her they weren't on me as I didn't know she was going to be there which by the way never ceases to drive me crazy.

Then came a pleasant surprise! Channing Tatum showed up and so did Jenna Dewan and after a while of practically begging her she came over and signed and I completed my photo of her and Channing from Step Up and nothing gets me more excited than completing a cast shot. I also got some photos signed from Channing who as always showed why he has always been a good signer.

Matt Freaking Bomer! I love his show White Collar so I am so happy that he is such a great person with his fans and while I didn't know he was going to be there I had my cast shots on me so I was able to get them signed.

I always carry cast shots on me just in case and it never fails to pay off and once again it did as True Blood's Joe Manganiello showed up and I got him on my photo and he signed a dollar bill for me and wrote his character initials from Magic Mike on it.

E-W-A-N   M-C-G-R-E-G-O-R! Every time I see this guy it gets chaotic and on this particular night it was no different. I was able to get multiples only because he signed on the way in and way out of the premiere.

This one made no sense to me. Gina Carano showed up and it got crazier for her than it did for anyone that night! People were going nuts and you would of thought that the president was signing!

Last was Dominic Monaghan and considering the last couple times I've seen him he didn't sign this really capped off the night rather nicely for me as I finally got someone on my Hobbit poster.

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