Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FX Party With Timothy Olyphant, Elmore Leonard, Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler and More!

FX held their annual party and while they weren't expected to trot out as many stars as the other networks (and they didn't) they did have the cast of Justified and Wilfred coming so that was good enough for me.

Right off the bat was the cast of Justified and while I wanted to get a couple more Timothy autographs everything changed when I noticed Elmore Freaking Leonard show up!!! This might not be a big deal to other people but to me this guy is a living legend and one of the greatest authors ever! In all my years of doing this I had never even seen him so to actually have a shot at his autograph and a picture with him was blowing my mind and when I called him he came right over and was so nice and gracious he signed a photo for me and some index cards and I got a picture with him! Quite simply, one of the best moments of my graphing career!

To anyone who doesn't know who he is, get off your ass and learn about him!

Next up was the cast of Justified and they all stopped and signed and I was even able to get my photo op with Timothy Olyphant. Joelle Carter was the story here as she was nicer than I had ever seen her before.

Me with Erica Tazel

Me with Mykelti Williamson

Me with Joelle Carter

Me with Timothy Olyphant

Next up was the cast of Archer. Jessica Walter, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell and H Jon Benjamin all came and signed and I was able to get them on both of my cast shots.

Me with Jessica Walter

I also got Jessica to sign my Arrested Development cast shot which already had Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Tony Hale and Jeffrey Tambor on it.

Then came the cast of Unsupervised led by Kaitlin Olson, David Hornsby, Romany Malco, Rob Rosell and Scott Marder who I got on my cast shots.

Me with Romany Malco

Me with Kaitlin Olson

To finish the day came the cast of Wilfred and a bit of a letdown as just as Elijah Wood arrived they took him in the side so he wouldn't have to come over and sign so all I saw was Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann but they are such great signers to hell with Elijah! (just this day though!)

Me with Fiona Gubelmann

Me with Jason Gann

I also was able to meet Louis C.K. on this day and get his autograph and I was thrilled about it as I loved his show Lucky Louie and I love his current show Louie.

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