Monday, January 23, 2012

January FREE Autograph Giveaway! Channing Tatum!

Anyone out there like Channing Tatum?! For my January autograph giveaway I am giving away this Channing Tatum autograph I got at the premiere of Haywire to one lucky soul out there! Contest will run from today until Monday the 30th and I will announce the winner here on January 31st! To win this autograph photo is quite easy. Simply leave me a comment telling me why you deserve to win it more than anyone else and I will pick my favorite comment and that person wins! So let the comments begin!


  1. Cause as Eddie Murphy would say "I wanted the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip".....but seriously we love his movies (my favorite being Coach Carter) and he is a big Bama fan and got to see the Tide go back to back in the BCS. His wife Jenna is hot too and they got engaged from my island (Maui)!!!One of the upcoming stars and would love to add him to collection.

  2. I deserve this autograph because I can relate to him soooo much, hence he became my favorite actor after watching the movie "Dear John". It took me 13 weeks to finish Marine boot camp. Then I had to train that lasted for 10 weeks. Then I was able to come home and pack and then stationed overseas. Before boot camp, I met this beautiful woman, we got to know each other for only 2 months then I had to begin boot camp. I wasn't able to see her so like in the movie Dear John, I began writing letters to her. After many weeks of training, I came back home before stationed overseas, and I decided to propose to my girlfriend. Me and Channing seem like we have to deal with very similar situations. This signed photo I would love to have. I will treasure it forever. It would mean so much to me to have an autograph from an actor that I can look up to as an inspiration.