Monday, January 16, 2012

HBO/CABLE Party With Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Katee Sackhoff, Nick Nolte, Lou Diamond Phillips and Many More!

Comparing this day to the other Network parties this was by far the WORST of the lot. The Security for HBO was refusing to allow anyone to come over and sign so consequently I never saw Nicole Kidman, Clive Owen, Warwick Davis, Dustin Hoffman and many others who were there.

One I did see was Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I hadn't seen him since Watchmen so I didn't know if he was still the great signer and I should smack myself for even wondering that as he is and if I saw him more he would be one of my top signers.

Lou Diamond Phillips arrived and just to be in the presence of a Young Gun was amazing! He even did a shout out to the Big Hit!

Katee Sackhoff arrived and said she couldn't sign at the moment but would come back out and sign and if I had a dollar for every time a celebrity told me that I would ... well, you know the rest. Anyways, I'm sitting down talking to a friend when I look up and Katee is standing right in front of me, smiles at me and says, "Told you I would be back!"

There was one huge shock this day as Nick Nolte came over and signed!!! I never expected this to happen and I'm still a little shocked that it did!

If you haven't seen the movie Drugstore Cowboy do yourself a favor and discover this brilliant film as I did 15 years ago which is why I was so excited to see Kelly Lynch and get her autograph.

I love watching Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globe Awards so I was thrilled when I got 2 autographs of him.

I had been told that Spartacus star Liam McIntyre was super nice so it had to be his publicist which caused him to not seem to be liking the interaction with fans. I was able to get 3 after a little pleading though!

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