Friday, January 27, 2012

Meet Don Harvey - He's No Mr. Nice Guy!

I have to admit that this stung a bit! Growing up I always liked the actor Don Harvey. Over a short span of time he appeared in the movies Die Hard 2, Casualties of War, Eight Men Out and The Untouchables just to name a few and in all my time graphing I had never met him so to see him a couple nights ago at the Luck premiere in Hollywood literally had me excited to the point that I told a friend if I just get a picture with this guy my night would be great!!!

Alas, it never happened! I did see Don leaving the theatre walking down the street right towards me and of course no one else recognized him so I figured I was golden but that's what I get for thinking! As Don walked right up to me I asked him if I could get a picture with him as I am a big fan and he said he had to get across the street to the after party. The problem?! He was standing at a stop light and couldn't walk across the street right then! So after about 30 seconds of moving his arms like to say he wished he could but couldn't the light finally changed and then he says sorry I have to go!

Seriously Don?! SERIOUSLY?! While I don't get mad if a celebrity doesn't want to sign or take a picture I do get upset when they act like they would but circumstances prevent them! He had every opportunity and choose not to by acting like he couldn't instead of just saying he didn't want to (like Joseph Gordon Levitt does) or just say no!

After he left a bunch of my friends asked who was that that just blew me off and this is him pictured here - Don "Leave Me Alone" Harvey! Thanks Don! Thanks alot!!!

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  1. Hey just stumbled upon this...if you know of any way to get an autograph of Don, lmk...I've been trying to get all 8 men out on baseballs and he's the only one left I need