Monday, January 16, 2012

Justified Premiere with Timothy Olyphant and Cast

I went to the Justified premiere and surprisingly very few fans showed up so I was able to do much better than I had hoped. I was really only working on cast pieces and I really wanted autographs of Timothy as he is not the most pleasant signers around and I was in second heaven to walk away with 3 of him plus autographs of Walton Goggins, Joelle Carter, Natalie Zea, Erica Tazel, Nick Searcy, Raymond J Barry, David Heunier, Neal Mcdonough, Mykelti Williamson and Stephen Root.

By far the best experience of the night was with Mykelti Williamson. When he arrived a friend of mine pronounced his name Ma-kel-ti to which he replied "thats not even close" and stormed off extremely pissed and did not sign. On the way out, me and two other graphers went up to him to get a autograph and one called him Mr. Williamson to which he turned around and said, " Why you gotta be sarcastic?" and the grapher said I wasn't I was just trying to be respectful. Mr. Williamson said ok and started signing. I then told him that my friend who called him that didn't know how to pronounce his name and he felt bad so he wasn't going to ask for his autograph again to which Mr Williamson replied, "Good!" And to set the record straight the correct pronunciation of his name is, "Michael-T"

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