Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beneath The Darkness Premiere W/ Dennis Quaid and Aimee Teegarden!

A bit more fans showed up for this than I expected considering after Dennis and Aimee their were not alot of big names but I had a really good time and night and got some nice pieces done.

When Dennis and Aimee were signing it did get quite crazy for them but I did manage to get both of them and I did work for it as neither signed for very long and both seemed annoyed at doing it.

I was able to finish all 3 photos I had of Quinton Aaron and BooBoo Stewart and I have to mention that BooBoo is a GREAT signer and will always take time out for fans.

I added Greg Collins to both of my True Blood pieces and on my 24 cast shot which is one of my all-time favorite shows and when I told him that he laughed and admitted that he has never seen the show!

Bai Ling, another GREAT signer, signed both of my photos and after getting her on my Lost photo I also added Brett Cullen to it as well and he signed my Beneath The Darkness photo along with Amber Bartlett and Stephen Lunsford.

Madison Leisle stopped and signed my Walking Dead photo and added her character name which she said she didn't remember and I had to tell her!

Morgan Beck, the Volleyball star who I had never seen before was the nicest of the night. When she came over everyone started holding out photos and she took them all, put them on a bench and then signed every last one. She also took photos with people, talked to everyone and always had a smile on her face and I told her I would tell everyone on the internet that she is the nicest celeb so far this year!


  1. You forgot to mention how we at Stars For The Stars PR gave you a spot on the red carpet to get autographs.

  2. love it dude.. keep it up. and have fun... that's the most important part.