Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Strange Encounter With Dominic Monaghan of LOST! Autographs! Photos!

So this happened.

Last week I saw Dominic and a bunch of us asked him to sign and he said sure and came right on over and started signing. I held out my first LOST cast piece and he signed it no problem. Here it is.

So then I held out my other LOST cast piece and here is what our exchange was:

Dominic: I'm not signing that.
Me: Why not?
Dominic: Cause I'm not in it.
Me: (puzzled I must admit) Its LOST, Dominic. You were in it.
Dominic: Yeah but I'm not in the photo.
Me: Its a cast piece. I'm trying to get everyone on it.
Dominic: (starting to get irritated) I'm not pictured in it so I'm not signing it.
Me: (starting to get irritated) Yeah but its just a cast piece.
Dominic: (really irritated now) Show me where I am in the photo and then I will sign it.
Me: Not everyone is individually pictured.
Dominic: I know, I'm not in it so I'm not signing it.

Side note: Dominic has never been like this in regards to LOST so I am a little baffled why he is like this now.

Me: (thinking quickly and anyone who watched the show will get what I said.) Dominic, you are pictured but you just can't see yourself cause you are under the water.
Dominic: (smiling) Thats actually a good joke. I will sign it since you made me laugh.

And he signed it!

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