Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cougar Town Cast W Courtney Cox, Christa Miller, Josh Hopkins, Brian Van Holt and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I wanted to do this basically just for Courtney. I had a cast shot that I have had for over a year that just needed Courtney so wanted to get that done plus I like Brian and wanted to get him on a couple Sons of Anarchy cast shots and the whole cast showed up and everyone signed except Busy Phillips who has gotten to be a tough autograph to obtain.

Brian was the first to show and I added him to my SOA cast shots and a Entourage cast shot I just started plus got him on a couple individuals.

This now has Brian and Eric Bana on it.

This now has Brian, David LaBrava, Katey Segal, Christopher Reed, Ally Walker, Ryan Hurst and Kim Coates.

Next was Dan Byrd and I had a few photos for him and he was nice enough to sign them all.

Ian Gomez came and he signed everything that everyone had. He was joking the whole time about how stupid he looked in some of the photos!

Christa Miller signed but boy did she act like she didn't want to. She came over and said she would sign one each but I don't even know if she did that many.

Josh Hopkins was leaving and almost in his car when we saw him and we called him and he immediately came on over. It was at least a 50 foot walk which let me tell you in terms of celebrities that is a mile and helps explain how nice this guy is.

Then came Courtney and while she said she would only sign one each she just kept signing and signing and I was able to get everything done. On my last photo I asked her please its my last photo and she said I think I have already signed 4 for you (which was true and amazing that she knew exactly) but she came and signed it cause she said she would feel bad if she didn't!


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