Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead W Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Robert Kirkman and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

I felt like I was battling zombies trying to get autographs at this event! There were so many people and so many photos and it got so out of hand that at one point security said they wouldn't let anyone else come over to sign but thankfully this is a nice cast so they kept coming... except Lauren Cohan who is not a good signer and did not sign this night!

Danai Gurira showed up first and I got her on the 3 cast shots I had.

I have met Greg Nicotero many many times and this is the first to where all hell broke loose when he was signing. Seriously, I have no idea why people went this crazy for him other than the fact that it was simply someone signing and they wanted him.

As bad as it was for Greg doesn't even come close to describing how it was for David Morrissey. He came over to sign and within 30 seconds he was so disgusted he just turned and walked away. Thankfully, when he came over it was right to where I was standing so I was able to get him.

Robert Kirkman was next and he is a great signer and signs so fast that he was able to sign a ton of photos and kept it from getting too crazy.

Next came Norman Reedus who is another great signer and he signs fast and has a very quick autograph and he signed alot and I got quite a bit from him.

He signed this one twice.

Gale Anne Hurd arrived and I was able to get her on one of my cast shots.

Laurie Holden was the surprise of the night as she signed longer than anyone and she is typically not the best signer of this cast. I got her on both of my cast shots.

The shows main star Andrew Lincoln arrived and he signed even though security was telling him not to! He has always been a great signer and this night was no different!

I got David Morrissey, Gale Anne Hurd, Laurie Holden, Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira and Greg Nicotero.

Got Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus on this.

I got Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Robert Kirkman, David Morrissey, Greg Nicotero, Laurie Holden, and Danai Gurira on this.

Complete with Andrew Lincoln and Greg Nicotero!

Complete with Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln!

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