Friday, February 1, 2013

Graceland W Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Daniel Sunjata and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This was all about Vanessa to me. I love Tarantino movies and I had a bunch of photos for her to sign for my own collection and thought since I am going to be there might as well try to get the others as well!

Brandon Jay McLaren, who I thought was great on The Killing, arrived and I only had one photo for him and he signed it no problem.

Daniel Sunjata showed up and was SUPER cool. On the way in he said he had to get in and would come back out later. Well, we here that alot and it doesn't usually happen. However, Daniel came back out and when he did someone else was signing and he waited for them to finish signing and then signed!

This now has Daniel, David S Goyer, Gary Oldman, Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan on it.

Finally Vanessa arrived and while she didn't sign many on the way in, on the way out she signed again and I got everything done which made the night worth it for me!

I now have Edgar Wright, Will Arnet, Jeff Fahey, Robert Rodriguez, Vanessa, Jason Isaacs and Rose McGowan on this.

This has Vanessa. Rose McGowan, Zoe Bell and Robert Rodriguez on it.

Just need Quentin!

Lastly was Serinda Swan or should I say Ms Picky. She wouldn't sign one photo and then turned around and signed it for someone else and so on and so forth. I had no idea from one second to another what she would sign.

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