Saturday, February 2, 2013

1600 Penn W Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, Martha MacIsaac and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

The entire cast of the new TV show 1600 Penn was going to be at an event so I thought I would see if I could complete a cast shot and thankfully I was able to!

Amara Miller showed up first and was the first I got to sign the photo.

Jenna Elfman arrived and signed up a storm and all I had was the cast shot and I got her on it.

Martha MacIsaac showed up and I had an individual of her from Last House on The Left and I got her on that as well as the cast photo.

For some odd reason my photo lab decided to give me extra Benjamin Stockham photos so I had 3 individuals of him plus the cast shot but he still signed them all!

Josh Gad arrived and has always been cool and I got him on all the photos I had for him.

Bill Pullman was in a better signing mood then I have seen from him in a while and I easily got him to sign my cast shot and then stood back as he signed for a couple more minutes.

Finally Andre Holland arrived and I got him on the cast shot and my goal was met as I completed the photo!

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