Sunday, February 17, 2013

Autograph Glory W Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Aaron Paul and Wayne Knight! Autographs! Photos!

I went to this event basically just for Steven Spielberg but figured I should have photos ready for others just in case and as can happen many times I didn't get who I really wanted (Spielberg didn't sign) but I did get a few others.

Newman!!! Ok, Wayne Knight showed up and I got him on my Jurassic Park.

Aaron Paul has changed as a signer. This guy used to sign until everyone's photos were gone but he is steadily getting to the point where he clearly isn't into it anymore. There were maybe 10 of us and he came over and signed a total of maybe 5 graphs.

Producers extraordinaire Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall showed up and I was able to get both of them on The Goonies and Back To The Future and I got Kathleen on E.T.

I was there maybe an hour and then went home. I got no complaints!

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