Friday, June 22, 2012

Magic of Belle Isle Premiere w Morgan Freeman, Cher, Madeline Carroll and Emma Fuhrmann! Autographs! Photos!

My main goals at this premiere were Darryl Hannah (didn't show up), Emilia Clarke (didn't show up), Rob Reiner (never saw him) and Virginia Madsen (only signed a couple and I didn't get her.) Even after that I had a GREAT premiere! Funny how things happen.

First to arrive was Emma and I got her on all 4 photos.

Madeline Carroll showed up and I was able to get a few of my photos done. As in every time I see her she is really great about signing.

That was it for autographs this night but I also got photo ops with 2 legends, Morgan Freeman and Cher! I , and the others there, had no idea Cher was going to be there and when she got out she wouldn't sign but she did do the photo ops. Morgan Freeman simply does not sign anymore so I didn't waste my time asking him (others did and of course he didn't do it) so I just went for the photo op and even with security saying no he motioned me to come over and I got the photo with and he did a few others. Great photo ops and it only got better!

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