Friday, June 15, 2012

Young Hollywood Awards w Bella Thorne, Hailee Steinfeld, James Maslow, Cameron Monaghan and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This event to me was all about Bella Thorne. The reason? Its simple. I believe she is getting more and more to the point where she will not be signing and I want to get her before this happens. There were other people at the event and I did walk away with close to 50 photos signed.

The first to show up was Cameron Monaghan from Shameless and he couldn't of been happier to come over and sign. Seriously, he seemed genuinely thrilled to come over.

Alexandria DeBerry of A.N.T. Farm came over but I didn't have any photos of her so I just got the photo op.

I have been working on a cast photo of The Descendants for my own collection and I was able to add Amara Miller to it (plus getting her on a couple individuals) and now I just need Robert Forster.

Callun Mcauliffe arrived next and he was super cool and signed everything and took photo ops as well. When I said sign everything I mean everything as a couple people had quite a bit for him!

I see Chris Pratt so much and never have anything for him to sign so I figured this time I would print something as I liked Moneyball a lot and really enjoyed Take Me Home Tonight and I was able to get them all signed as Chris has always been cool.

Apparently I was one of the only ones at this event who didn't know who James Maslow was, as the girls there were going crazy for him, and after plenty of calling from them he did finally come over and sign. I got one photo from a friend and got it signed.

James Van Der Beek came over and signed and thank god as for some reason I had 6 photos to get signed and luckily I got them all signed.

That was it for arrivals so now it is the waiting game to see what I can get on departures.

David Krumholtz came out and I got 2 of my photos signed and then I asked for a photo op and David had quite a bit of fun with that as you can see!

Kevin Williamson, who wrote the Scream movies, came over when I called him and I got both of my photos signed and got the photo op.

One of the stars of Pretty Little Liars, Janel Parrish, walked on over and signed and signed and took photo ops and was super nice.

I almost missed Aubrey Plaza as I could not find my photos in my bag but thankfully she is really cool as when I finally found them she had already stopped signing but then I went up to her and told her such and she smiled and grabbed the sharpie and signed again! Very nice.

Bella Thorne, what to make of thee? On the way in she did not sign (which in and of itself is a story considering she always signs when you call her.) On the way out she comes out the front, we ask her to sign and she goes back inside! We go wait around the side and what do you know she pops out there a couple minutes later and we once again ask her to sign. She then comes out and RACKS! Now, she clearly would not have had a problem not signing but once she did she threw it down. Is this a sign of her getting harder? I have no idea but time will tell.

Bella's sister Dani showed up and I got a photo op with her as well and like David she was having fun with it.

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    Thanks! Sue