Thursday, June 7, 2012

For The Love of Money Premiere w Oded Fehr, Jonathan Lipnicki and Steven Bauer! Autographs! Photos!

This is the list of people scheduled to show to this premiere: James Caan, Edward Furlong, Paul Sorvino, Steven Bauer, Jonathan Lipnicki, Oded Fehr, Cody Longo, Edie McClurg, Michael Biehn, Jeffrey Tambor, Delphine Chaneac, Danny Masterson and Dorian Brown to name a few.

Here is what actually showed: Steven Bauer, Jonathan Lipnicki, Oded Fehr, Dorian Brown, Cody Longo and Jason Ritter. Not quite the same is it!

Anyways, Jason Ritter showed up and I happened to have a photo of Freddy Vs. Jason on me and I had him sign it.

Then came Jonathan Lipnicki and man is this kid cool! Everytime I see him he says hi, thanks for coming out, I appreciate the support and signs whatever! Really is a down to earth guy.

Dorian Brown arrived and you gotta love the signature! No matter what the size of the photo her signature stays the same size.

I spotted Cody Longo just hanging out talking to a friend and I held up my Piranha 3D photo and he just smiled and came over to sign it and said he loved the photo!

Oded Fehr was someone I was really excited for. I had never met him and I really liked the TV show Sleeper Cell so I was glad he showed up and I was able to get 4 autographs out of him. He signed for about a minute and then said ok 5 more and randomly did 5 more and that was it.

I'm already to the end of this premiere as Steven Bauer showed up and I while I had a Scarface image my main thing was to get him on some of my Breaking Bad cast shots and I was able to and he loved signing them. Even as someone was trying to pull him away he kept signing more!

Got Steven and Al on it now but SERIOUSLY question whether I will ever get Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio on this!

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