Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seeing Stars in Beverly Hills! Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Olivia Munn, Zooey Deschanel and MORE! Autographs! Photos!

This event had me nervous from the get go. Every time I do an event at this venue (when I'm actually allowed to stay and don't get kicked off the property) it is rife with chaos and this was no exception. When I and a couple friends get there we are eventually told we can stay and then after I ask for and get my first autograph we are IMMEDIATELY told by one lady that we unequivocally CANT stay. Then we are told we can as long as we have a room at the hotel. So, after plenty of conversations and hundred and hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a room (I kid you not! this is Beverly Hills after all!) we are finally allowed to stay.

Then the stars start arriving and a slew decide not to sign or better yet not to even acknowledge our existence! I'm referring to: Kevin Costner, Gillian Anderson, Busy Phillips, Hannah Simone, Julianne Moore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anna Gunn (WTF! This concerns me as she is normally a GREAT signer), Hayden Panettiere, Emmy Rossum (who is next to impossible to get right now), Kate Walsh and Lucy Liu.

Anyways, enough with the bad and ugly, let me get to the good.

Greg Monroe, Ashley Rickards, Sharon Gless (who told me I was too young to remember Cagney and Lacey, has she never heard of cable?!), Jimmy Kimmel, Ariel Winter, Aisha Tyler, Gillian Jacobs, Allison Brie, Joel McHale and Sarah Paulson all show up and I didn't know they were going to be there so I just got the photo op.

I did have a floorboard so I had Greg sign that.

Finally someone showed up who I had a photo for as Patrick Duffy arrived and he signed my one photo.

Cloris Leachman also showed up and I got my one photo signed.

Max Greenfield showed up and I got him to sign both of my New Girl cast shots. This guy is nice every time I see him.

Beth Behrs came next and was way nicer than I expected her to be and came over and signed and I got the photo op.

I saw Josh Hopkins next and pulled out my Perfect Storm poster shot and got him to sign it. He was quite happy with it and even said this is some old school shit right here!

Robert Patrick is someone I wanted this day and I got him. He was very friendly and immediately walked over when we called him and signed everything and took photo ops.

T2 will be in my collection for good if I ever finish it!

I also got Robert on both LOST cast pieces

Stanic Katic arrived and was in a great mood and after signing I asked for the photo op and she said she wanted to take it and then she took 2 just to be safe!

Aaron Paul signed on the way in and way out but he his definitely signing less than he used to but I was able to get quite a few signed with some help from the Big Sassy!

I added Aaron and Giancarlo Esposito to this.

I just need Jonathan Banks on this.

I just need to Jonathan on this as well.

I just need Jonathan and Bryan Cranston on this.

Just need Cranston on this.

Shane West, after plenty of pleading, came over and I got both of my photos signed.

Christina Hendricks was about as nice as I have ever seen her and she signed, signed again, took photo ops and was talking to us the whole time.

Sons of Anarchy! My favorite show on TV and 3 of its main stars showed up!!! Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff. On the way in Katey comes right on over and signs plenty. On the way out she didn't sign and high tailed it away from everyone. Charlie didn't sign on way in but did on the way out and took photo ops. Maggie didn't sign on the way in and even shook her head no and on the way out I had my photos ready just in case and a friend of mine tells me forget about it she won't do it. I told him no way, I will beg her if I have to! So, when I see her come out I start calling her (by myself I might add!) and tell her it is my favorite show on TV and can she PLEASE sign and I see her hesitate like she might and then I hear my friends say I think she is thinking about it and then what do you know??? She comes over!!!! Thank you so much Maggie! I got her on both cast shots and I asked for a photo op but she didn't want to do it but I don't care as this was my favorite "get" of the night!






Added Maggie and Katey to this.

I got Katey and Maggie on this and it looks so good I am working on it for my own collection and everyone in blue!

John Noble was walking inside and I spotted him and showed him my photos of Fringe and he came out and signed them and took photo ops. A really good guy.

Giancarlo Esposito, AKA Buggin Out AKA Gus Fring was a surprise show up but I had my Breaking Bad cast shots and got him on all that I need him on.

Olivia Munn signed and even when her people were telling her to stop she kept signing and took photo ops.

Zooey Deschanel is just plain weird to me. On the way out she comes over, I hand her a pen, she signs 3 autographs and then says I don't sign in blue and asks for a black! We give her a black and then she proceeds to sign some TERRIBLE autographs. I've never heard her once complain about signing in blue before. She is just nuts.

Sarah Hyland came over and I got her on both photos I had.

Emily Deschanel comes over, signs 2 for me and then goes to my friend and tells him sorry I only sign one each! Maybe that whole family is nuts!

Don Cheadle showed up and having no idea he would be there I was unprepared but still got him on my Boogie Nights photo thanks to my friend BTE (inside joke!)


  1. Great catch on Robert Patrick on LOST, I totally forgot he was on it. Katy Sagal was on too as Helen, John Locke's girlfriend. Did you get her on the LOST photo?

  2. Did you really have to get a room and show your card key? I think maybe if you all dress in suits and blend in, wear some fake badges it might be easier.

  3. I guess as a seller it was worth it for you BUT as a fan totally not worth it for names which I see out frequently. I just racked Aaron Paul a couple of days ago. Also I was inside for a Mad Men event so ditto for Hendricks. Just too bad the "A" listers didn't sign ( Costner, Moore etc ). Then it would have been worth it.
    Oh....bigpapi if you do the hotel deal often the Beverly Hilton Hotel does recognize you, so dressing up doesnt help.