Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mark Wahlberg, Christina Ricci Sign at Jimmy Kimmel w a BIG SNUB by Mila Kunis! Autographs! Photos!

There was quite a bit going on in Hollywood yesterday and I decided to try Kimmel as my Wife is a HUGE fan of Mark Wahlberg and she was going with me so I hoped for the best.

For starters, I have to say again how much I HATE doing Jimmy Kimmel now. This place used to be so good but there are so many people there now who show up on a regular basis and act crazy that I just don't enjoy being there. As it gets closer to the stars arriving I count close to 60 people there!

On the way in Christina, Mila and then Mark all DON'T sign! Christina and Mila never looked at us and Mark said on the way out.

True to his word, Mark came right on over on the way out and signed and I managed to get quite a few. I got him in the beginning and then went on the fence and did rather amazing. Here is what I got.

But, BY FAR, the highlight of the night for me was my Wife. She found a picture of Mark that she wanted signed that was him in his underwear and as a friend of mine stated, it was just Mark in his underwear with his junk sticking out! But my wife wanted it signed and when Mark got to her she got it signed and he TWICE asked her where she got the photo of him in his underwear and her response was she looked high and low for it! 

The photo is a paparazzi photo and I think he was serious about where she got it but she couldn't hide her enthusiasm about getting that photo signed and he realized she was just a huge fan. Here is the picture she got signed and she took video of her interaction with him.

As Mark was signing, Mila came out and me and quite a few people called her but once again she never paid us any attention.

Then came Christina Ricci and she came over and I quickly got 2 (with 2 friends helping me get another each, you know who you are and thank you very much!) and then I think she got overwhelmed really quickly with the amount of people and photos and then just took off.

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  1. Mark is great signing through the mail too...you should send him whatever you want as he signed about 5 as I used it for gifts. Kunis might have to go on the list....